IEM XI Katowice: An easy victory

The closed qualifiers for IEM Season XI - World Championships are underway for CISNatus Vincere.G2A and our first opponent was DenmarkTricked Esport, who were coming with a fresh victory over Godsent. Despite that, we won the match easily with a 2-0 scoreline. The maps were Nuke, Mirage, with Overpass being the third decider map.


IEM Katowice Season XI:

Closed Qualifiers

[16:7 de_nuke]

[16:9 de_mirage]


CISNatus Vincere G2A VS DenmarkTricked Esports - De_Nuke

For the first map, we were able to win the knife round on Tricked’s map pick and we chose to start on the CT side. In the pistol round Tricked decided to do a quick A execute, but we defended the bombsite with ease and took the lead. Tricked decided to force buy and rush from Outside to A and it caught us off guard as they got the quick advantage with a couple of entry frags, forcing us to save 2 of our rifles.
Following the save we decided to force buy too, and it worked wonders as s1mple and seized took 2 kills each and won the round for the team. For the 4th round, the enemy team created a wall of smoke outside to make their way toward the B bombsite but we were able to rotate quickly and play for the retake. It was a close round but Edward was able to pull off the defuse with his teammates covering him. This forced the enemy to eco and help us advance our lead and also our economy, as Ukraines1mple secured some kills with the UMP-45.
For the next buy round Tricked tried to go A but s1mple and Edward cleared the bombsite. S1mple was still on the UMP-45 which meant he was getting a huge amount of money for each kill. Afterwards Tricked had to eco again, which brought the score to 6-1 after the anti-eco win. Tricked were able to win 2 rounds afterwardsб but then got shut down after a 1v2 clutch by Flamie. This crumbled Tricked's economy and handed us a free round win as our lead increased to a 10-3 scoreline since the Danish team had to double eco. We finished the first half with a 11-4 score and we had to win the upcoming pistol round to make this an easy win.
For the second pistol round, we decided to quickly rush the A site and win the round with ease. The next round the Danes decided to force buy, and luck wasn’t on our side as they got the defuse at the last possible second. This restricted us to an eco, but we got a bomb plant to help our economy. For the next buy round we picked them off one by one, with SlovakiaGuardiaN playing like a beast, getting a triple with the AWP to help us get our 13th round
After that Tricked decided to force pistols, but that didn’t work out and they had to do a full eco which easily gave us match point. The possible final round wasn’t that great for the opponent as they had a broken buy, but they were able to secure the round with yet another last second defuse. The final round looked like a lost cause as it was a 2v4 situation, but Russian Federationflamie was able to clutch a 1v3 situation and end the first map 16-7 with an ace clutch.
Player statistics on de_nuke. Courtesy of

CISNatus Vincere G2A VS DenmarkTricked Esports - De_Mirage

On the second map we started on the T side and we failed to secure the pistol round which gave Tricked the early lead as they were able to win the upcoming rounds and get a 0-6 lead, but we pulled off quite a comeback and bring the score to a 5-6. Afterwards we managed to win the round with a 8-7 scoreline.
For the second pistol round, we did not succeed in securing this one too but in the upcoming round we were able to win the force buy in a couple of seconds as the pistols wiped them out at close range fights. This allowed us to extend our lead to a 13-9 score. S1mple was getting kills left and right the whole match even though he played with the UMP-45 for most of the rounds. We were able to reach match point with a 15-9 score and for the last round Tricked had to settle with 3 pistols, 1 SMG and a scout and it just wasn’t enough to win the round with, as we easily took the victory with a score of 16-9, winning the series 2-0.
Player statistics on de_mirage. Courtesy of


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