IEM XI Katowice: To the main event


The 2nd day of the IEM Season XI - World Championships closed qualifiers is underway. Our first opponent was DenmarkHeroic who was also our last as we qualified to the main event by winning 2-0. The maps were Mirage, Nuke and Cobblestone which would serve as the tiebreaker if required.


IEM Katowice Season XI:

Closed Qualifiers

[16:9 de_mirage]

[16:4 de_nuke]


CISNatus Vincere G2A VS DenmarkHeroic - De_Mirage


For the first knife round, we did not manage to secure it so we had to start on the Terrorist side. Pistol round saw us buy a couple of flashbangs and smokes while having 1 Tec-9 and 2 P250 with the rest being on the glocks. We decided to execute on the A site, and after a quick exchange of frags we were down to a 3v4; Ukraines1mple tried to even it out but he was traded back and we lost the first round. Afterwards we tried to force pistols: s1mple got the first frag, but afterwards their firepower was just too much for the team and were picked off one by one. The force buy meant we had to eco the third round and the score was 0-3 in the favor of the Danish side.
For the first buy round, we tried to play it slow but they traded all our kills quickly and we were left on a 2v4 situation, UkraineEdward and Russian FederationFlamie were able to get 1 kill each and Edward was able to plant the bomb but couldn’t clutch the 1v2 situation. For the next round we had to settle with a couple of Tec-9’s while s1mple having his trademark UMP-45, We were able to get the bomb plant after smoking off the A bomb site as flamie got the entry frag to clear the site. Flamie then was able to even up the player count as he got a double kill with a stolen AK-47 after which the team won a 2v2 with s1mple getting the last 2 kills with the UMP-45 to secure our first round.
Things weren’t going our way as we were down 7-1 but you should never count our team out especially on a map like mirage. Also we are on the T side and things get really easier on the CT side. In the 9th round we lost some early kills as we were down to a 2v4 situation but seized and flamie were able to win the round despite all the odds with Russian Federationseized getting a triple kill. Afterwards we tried to do execute on the B bombsite and despite the early losses, Edward was able to pick up the AWP and score two kills which forced SwedenMODDII to save the one of his own in a 1v2 situation and we were able to slowly close the gap as the score was 3-7 in Heroic’s favor.
This forced DenmarkHeroic to save and play the next round with 4 pistols and 1 AWP. They were able to get the drop on Edward and steal his rifle but they couldn’t do much more, as they decided to save their weapons. We got the round win but 2 players decided to hunt, which didn’t work out well as the opponent picked them off and stole 2 rifles. This did not really help them, though, as we ran through them in the following round and almost evened up the score, getting 6-7. The last round of the half was a complete massacre but we were able to win it and end the half 7-8, being just a round behind Heroic.
For the second pistol round, Heroic were able to rush B and plant the bomb, but our post-plant retake was flawless as we secured the pistol round and tied the score 8-8. During the second round, Heroic were able to kill 2 SMG players, but Ukraineflamie was able to stop them in their tracks as he got a triple kill with the MP9 and prevent them from planting the bomb. They were able to buy up for the next round, yet we were still able to defend it well, making it was a 3v2 retake situation for us with both of the remaining enemy players being very low on hp, which helped us in winning the round and defusing the bomb to bring the score 10-8 in our favor.
For the 20th round, Heroic tried to do an execute on the A bombsite, and despite getting the bomb plant with the help of the wall of smokes, SlovakiaGuardiaN was able to get a double spray through the smoke and secure the round, as the enemy team was forced to give up the bomb site and just save their rifles. We have managed to win some consecutive rounds afterwards, so the score was 14-9 in our favor and we were looking forward to closing out this match. We stopped without too much of a hassle their B play, as GuardiaN got a triple kill with the AWP and secured map point. 
In the potential last round, UkraineEdward decided to push mid and got a double kill which was traded back, but it was in our favor as after the initial duels it was a 3v2 situation for us, and we pincered them from both sides of the apartment and won the map 16-9 to take the lead 1-0 into the series.
Player statistics on de_mirage. Courtesy of

CISNatus Vincere G2A VS DenmarkHeroic - De_Nuke


For the second map, we had to start on the Terrorist side again as we lost another knife round. We made up for this by winning the pistol round after a couple of headshots that happened. We were able to clean up anti-eco rounds without any hassle and the score was 3-0 in our favor. For the first buy round, DenmarkcadiaN was able to get the opening kill on GuardiaN but flamie and s1mple still won the round in what one can say, a 2v5 situation as Russian Federationflamie scored a triple kill and s1mple claimed a double kill to win the round. We were just breezing past them as the score was 6-2 in our favor.
It seemed as if Heroic had no clue on what to do, as every time they tried to win a round, they would just lose the following one, causing their economy to be reset, and so we were able to advance our lead to a 9-2 score. If this was to keep happening, we were going to win fairly easily. We did give away a couple of rounds in the end but we still ended the half with a 11-4 scoreline. 
For the second pistol round, DenmarkHeroic tried to rush A but the USP-S were too powerful as there were headshots left and right, so we secured the pistol round. This pretty much meant a victory for us, as the Danish squad decided to force buy twice, which was a risky move as they would have no economy for a buy round if they lost. They were able to even it up to a 3v3 on their second force buy; despite being on a 2v2 they decided to take out seized instead of planting the bomb and Russian Federationseized took both of them to secure the round. The score was 14-4 after that round and Heroic were on pistols only for the upcoming one.
Heroic were finally able to buy up, but we were on map and match point and we had 11 rounds to play with in case things go bad. We did not allow that to happen, though, as we easily secured the round and won the map 16-4, winning the series 2-0 and qualifying to the LAN finals of IEM Season XI - World Championships, which will be held in Katowice, Poland next month.
Player statistics on de_nuke. Courtesy of
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