ESL Pro League S5: A solid tie


CISNatus Vincere G2A played the first dual Bo1 at ESL Pro League Season 5 - EU Qualifiers, facing the winner of the previous major: DenmarkAstralis. We had a convincing victory on de_overpass, but our opponents were able to tie the score winning on de_nuke.


ESL Pro League S5 - EU Qualifiers

[16:11 de_overpass]

[4:16 de_ Nuke ]




CISNatus Vincere G2A VS DenmarkAstralis - de_overpass [1:0]


The first fight took place on de_overpass, where our guys played on the CT-side. The early rounds were favourable to DenmarkAstralis, that won the pistol round and claimed the following 2, until CISNatus Vincere stopped them on the 1-3. On round 5 Astralis approached through lower park, and after an exchange of grenades, they decided to rotate over B. UkraineEdward remained alone, trying to flank them from construction, but the bomb was planted and he couldn’t manage three players on his own, so he decided to leave the area.
On round 7 we had to eco, and the team bulked up on B in an attempt to intercept as many opponents as possible and steal some weapons. After some unlucky rounds, we got back on the track, bringing the score to 4-6. On round 11, DenmarkAstralis was in dark waters and opted for a deagle lineup, but nothing was possible against our defense composed of fully armed soldiers. We held the advantage also in the following rounds, finally taking the lead 7 to 6. 
Round 14 saw a decisive fight: Astralis economy finally let them a full buy. They tried intercepting our guys in park conn, but their plan was discovered with just some casualties on our side - only 2 men down for CISNatus Vincere. Afterwards, they focused their game plan on B, but we left them no chances because three of our players were guarding the point, killing all opponents. The first half was over, with our team scoring 9-6.
CISNatus Vincere moved on the T-side; a huge fight exploded near B, but ultimately Astralis had the upper hand in the pistol round.On round 4, Russian Federationseized was alone against two opponents, he planted on B and was suddenly ganked up, but DenmarkAstralis missed their shots, giving seized the time to react and dominate both of them - another secured round for Na`Vi, who was in full control of the situation. The score was 13-8, on round 7 Astralis was forced to eco, while our team continued surfing the wave of success, even if our enemies played a solid eco round, bringing down 3 players.
Astralis kept fighting; on round 8 both teams had capable guns; we tried advancing through bench and restroom, but they were defending on B, killing the bomb carrier and blocking our action. A splendid Ukraines1mple won the successive round with a quad-kill, so we headed to the match-point, that crowned CISNatus Vincere G2A winners of the first map 16 to 11.

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CISNatus Vincere G2A VS DenmarkAstralis - de_nuke [1:1]


On de_nuke we started on the T-side, losing again the pistol round, but winning the successive one. DenmarkAstralis had the upper hand up to 3-1, but on round 5 we counter-attacked with an AK lineup, planting the bomb on A and killing all enemies that tried to approach. On round 8 our guys stacked up near silo, but an enemy just on the other side rushed in, blocking our next move.
On the 10th, we were forced to eco, thus our guys tried to bring down with them as many opponents as possible, and successfully killed two enemies. Afterwards we penetrated through lobby; Ukraines1mple killed an enemy in control while hiding himself near the wall, and we assaulted A after throwing a strategic smoke: the fight exploded, all teams remained with 1 man alive, but we couldn’t secure the round.
The score was 9 to 3 for Astralis on round 13, during which we planted on A: UkraineEdward remained alone while both of the remaining opponents were on the point, no one was checking hut so he could easily kill both of them. In the following round, Ukraines1mple was our last member alive, but against him there were 4 enemies. He killed one, the bomb was well guarded so he just exploited the vents to bring down another target, but ultimately DenmarkAstralis stopped him. The first half ended with a 11-4 score.
We moved on the CT-side: Astralis won the pistol round and instantly bought to keep up the heat and maintain the control of the game. On round 4th we finally bought, but Astralis was able to conquer the bomb point and plant; UkraineEdward remained alone, killed another enemy and finally had to retreat and save. The matchpoint saw Astralis push through lobby and rush B, CISNatus Vincere was defending near A and had to relocate, but not fast enough to block the bomb. Our guys surrounded the enemy and tried their best to take the control of the area, but ultimately the time wasn’t enough and DenmarkAstralis won the second map with a 4-16 score.

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