ESL Pro League S5: A good tie


CISNatus Vincere G2A faced SwedenFnatic in yet another dual Bo1 in the European qualifiers for ESL Pro League Season 5. We won the first map on de_train with a formidable performance, while Fnatic had the upper hand on de_mirage.

ESL Pro League Season 5

[16:7 de_train]

[12:16 de_ mirage]




CISNatus Vincere G2A VS SwedenFnatic - de_train


The map selected for the first fight was de_train, where our team started on the T-side and won the pistol round; CISNatus Vincere maintained the upper hand for the first rounds. On the 4th round, we bought and slowly studied the situation before committing in any fight. Our forces were split between ivy and t-connector and we brought down an handful of enemies, but we couldn’t penetrate their defenses in the end. Our small mistake wasn’t enough for SwedenFnatic to make a comeback; our guys kept dominating round after round, forcing Fnatic into multiple eco rounds. The score quickly jumped to 8-1.
Starting from round 10, Fnatic managed to bring some points back into their hands. They bought and blocked our advance at ivy and b-stairs. Our guys decided to wait for any enemy movement, but didn’t leave their defensive positions. With the new flux of money, SwedenFnatic claimed the subsequent fights - the score was 8-6. On round 15th we rushed towards A, both teams lost two members, and the bomb dropped near the A-site. 
Our players decided to wait near A3 while Fnatic initially relocated towards B, and then pressed from both b-stairs and A1. Meanwhile, our team took the bomb in order to plant it. A clash occurred and both teams lost another player; our flamie remained alone, planted, and killed the last opponent. The first half ended with a 9-6 score.  
We moved to the CT-side, claiming the pistol round with only one death. We bought and won another round; on the third one, Fnatic finally faced us with an AK-47, but we easily neutralized the new menace. The score was 13-6 in the 5th round, and Fnatic decided to idle in boilers while one of their players was spotting ivy. We killed the latter, then their remaining forces entered through b-stairs and were easily defeated. On the matchday, Fnatic was forced to fight with only a couple of guns. CISNatus Vincere G2A was ready in full attire to fight back any kind of attack: Ukraines1mple and Russian Federationseized scored a double kill each, and we won the first map 16 to 7.

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CISNatus Vincere G2A VS SwedenFnatic - de_mirage


We moved to de_mirage for the second game, we played on the CT-side and won the first round defusing the bomb. The game started fairly balanced with a 2-2 score, but Fnatic gained the advantage and brought the score to 2-4. On the 7th round, we bought and partially blocked their attack. One enemy fell, but we lost four of our members, so UkraineEdward fled to b-apartments to save. Finally, SlovakiaGuardiaN and Russian Federationflamie claimed round 8th with a double kill each, bringing the score to 2-6. We won the following round, but Fnatic still had enough money to full buy, so the level of threat remained high.
On round 13 the score was 4-8. Fnatic tried to penetrate B-site, but our team blocked their advance, so they got the bomb and relocated towards A. We only had a defender in the area, but both teams suffered heavy casualties. In the end, our guys killed the last opponents while he was planting. The first half ended with a 5-10 score with SwedenFnatic planting and claiming the last round.


CISNatus Vincere G2A switched sides, but couldn’t win the pistol round. We saved in order to buy AK-47 in the third round, but couldn’t breach Fnatic’s defense, so our guys had to eco in the following round. The score was 5-14; our guys partially bought and decided to attack A: both teams lost two men, we smoked and planted on A-site. Fnatic approached from connector and killed one of our guys, but Russian Federationseized flanked them, securing the game.
On round 6 we decided to fight our way through middle, but after losing some men, our guys swiftly relocated and planted on A. Fnatic smoked and flanked our guys from market and b-apartments; SlovakiaGuardiaN didn’t give up and won the round even though he was alone. Fnatic was forced to eco and we easily won another round bringing the score to 8-14, but our streak didn’t last long, and Fnatic reached 15 points. Our guys came back into the game, and on round 13, the score was 12-15. However, SwedenFnatic forced a buy and ultimately won the map 16 to 12.


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