ESL Pro League S5: A deserved draw


CISNatus Vincere G2A faced FranceG2 Esport in a dual Best-of-One series in the ESL Pro League Season 5. We played against the Frenchmen on de_nuke and de_overpass,we lost the first map 10:16 but we came back in the second map as we tied the series by winning de_overpass 16:13.


ESL Pro League Season 5

[10:16 de_ nuke]

[16:13 de_overpass]




CISNatus Vincere G2A VS FranceG2 Esport - de_nuke


We started on the CT side and Ukraines1mple came up huge for the pistol round as he got a triple kill to secure the round; G2 were able to trade the round back as they won the force buy. This trend of exchanging rounds continued, as UkraineEdward also got a triple kill in the third round in which we force bought. The French tied the score again to 2-2, but we managed to stop this constant exchange of rounds as Ukraines1mple performed a quad kill in the 5th round and allowed us to string some rounds together.
It was round 8 and we were leading by 5-2, FranceG2 Esports decided to rush secret by creating a wall of smokes. Despite the enemy being able to get to secret uncontested, Ukraines1mple was able to pick off FranceNBK who was left behind by hiding behind the CT red. The terrorists managed to plant the bomb and it looked as if they would actually win the round but Russian Federationseized snatched it from their grasp as he defused the bomb inside the smoke.


In the upcoming round, there were a couple of kills being traded off. In the end it came down to a 1v1 situation between Russian Federationflamie and FrancekennyS. Flamie was pretty low and he decided to play the round thoughtfully and managed to win the clutch, denying the ace for kennyS. We managed to win the half as we had 9 rounds in the half by the 13th round, but kennyS was able to win a 1v2 clutch with his AWP which allowed the frenchmen to string the last few rounds together and close the half 9-6 in our favor.
For the second pistol round, we decided to rush the A bombsite. UkraineEdward was able to get the drop on FranceApeX as he was not prepared for anyone rushing through squeaky that fast. He managed to get two more kills afterwards and plant the bomb but failed to get the ace clutch. We force bought in the second round even though we had gotten the bomb plant previously which would have allowed us to full buy in the upcoming round; this came to bite us back as we lost the force buy and then had to eco the next round, losing both.
The score was soon tied at 9-9 but we finally managed to do a full buy. Ukraines1mple was able to get the first blood but it was quickly traded back. A couple of kills soon followed, but we failed to win the round, allowing G2 to take the lead. In the next round we decided to force buy pistols and rush secret: this worked out perfectly as the pistols were very effective at close range, allowing us to get the bomb plant and eventually the round. 
It was round 21 and the map was pretty tight, as both teams had 10 rounds. Both teams had a full buy going into the round. The round had lots of actions, as there were kills being traded back and forth, in the end it was down to SlovakiaGuardiaN: in a 1v2 situation, unfortunately, he missed the shot which cost him the round. The next few rounds went in G2’s favor and the score was suddenly 14-10 in favor of the Frenchmen. They had this win streak going as they also won the next two rounds comfortably, and secured the first map 10-16.
Player statistics on de_nuke. Courtesy of HLTV.

CISNatus Vincere G2A VS FranceG2 Esport - de_overpass


On de_overpass we started on the Terrorist side and decided to hold at the playgrounds, managing to secure the first blood on FrancekennyS. It was looking good for us but Francebodyy flanked us from behind, and this caused trouble for the team as kills were being traded back and forth. UkraineEdward was unable to win the 2v1 clutch as he only managed to get one kill before falling victim to the last man standing.
After the following eco round, we decided to force buy in the third one. This caught G2 by surprise as we cleared the A bombsite and managed to plant the bomb. Things became tense as it was left to a 1v1 situation between UkraineEdward and Franceshox; UkraineEdward managed to win the clutch, getting his third kill of the round and the first round for the team.

The score was 1-4, we were on a full buy but it looked as if the execute on the B bombsite might not be successful; Ukraines1mple was there to save the day, though, putting on a show with his AWP and making it a 1v1 situation for Russian Federationseized, who played the rest of a round like a mastermind and had rotated to the A bombsite, winning the clutch pretty easily. This forced the French team to eco and allowed us to win some rounds.
We tied the score afterwards to 4-4 but FranceG2 managed to hold onto their lead; it was not for long, though, as we a took the lead by the 13th round with the score being 6-5. We maintained the advantage till the end of the half, as the score was 8-7 in our favor moving onto the second half. For the second pistol round, FranceG2 were looking forward to making a move on the A bombsite, but Ukraines1mple halted that movement as he got a triple kill by hiding behind the tree at A Long. This allowed us to win the pistol round with ease. We took the following anti-eco rounds without any hassle and strengthened the lead to an 11-7 scoreline. 
We won the upcoming round against the full buy of the Frenchmen, but their loss bonus allowed them to re-buy their weapons in the next round, this time they won the round and strung some together. This turned the score to 12-11, but still in our favor. FranceG2 managed to tie the score at 12 rounds for each team, but CISNa`Vi did not allow them to take the lead, as we won the upcoming round with ease.


During round 26, G2 Esports looked like they would secure the B bombsite as they got the first few entry frags, but Russian Federationflamie stopped them in their tracks as he got a triple kill to secure the round, getting us one step closer to matchpoint and tying this dual Best-of-One series 1-1. G2 kept going towards the B bombsite; they did find luck on the second round as they won it, but the third time they went towards B, Ukraines1mple was ready and waiting. He got a quad kill to help the team get to map point. Afterwards we just won the upcoming round and claimed the map 16-13, splitting the series 1-1.


Player statistics on de_overpass. Courtesy of HLTV.

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