ESL Pro League S5: An unfortunate loss


CISNatus Vincere G2A took on InternationalTeam LDLC in the European division of ESL Pro League S5. Our guys tried their best, but this time we were not able to claim the victory, losing both matches - on de_overpass and de_cbble.


ESL Pro League Season 5

[8:16 de_ overpass]

[10:16 de_cbble]

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CISNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalTeam LDLC - de_overpass


CISNatus Vincere didn’t have a great start on de_overpass, where we lost the first four rounds as Terrorists. On round 5 we accumulated sufficient money to buy proper guns and some flashes, so the team decided to aggressively push from Long A, successfully killing a couple of opponents. LDLC quickly relocated their reserves from B, blocking our advance, and winning the round with two players alive.
Back on eco, we had to survive until the 8th round, where we quickly took control of B, killing all defenders and planting the bomb. The score was 1-7 but our guys were ready to regain the control of the match, quickly obtaining another victory and hereafter forcing InternationalLDLC to eco. Unfortunately round 10 wasn’t as smooth as expected, and our opponents defused the bomb on A thanks to a well placed smoke.
At the end of round 13, Natus Vincere stabilized the score to 5-8. Afterwards we stacked in lower tunnels, where both teams lost a couple of players due to a quick skirmish. UkraineEdward exploited the confusion to plant on A, and when LDLC tried to fight back, SlovakiaGuardiaN quickly disposed of them with his AWP. We also claimed the final round of the first half, bringing the score to 7-8.
On the CT side we lost the first three rounds, but finally had the upper hand on the successive one. The round 5 saw Ukraines1mple penetrate in the restroom, bringing down an opponent, and retreating to guard short A, from where he shot down another enemy. InternationalLDLC decided to relocate on B, planting the bomb in a 2vs2 situation - our guys tried approaching, but the entrance was well guarded.
On round 7 the score was 8-13, LDLC rushed B and killed the defenders, so our remaining soldiers decided to save. On round 8 our strategy didn’t succeed, so we were forced to buy because LDLC reached the matchpoint. We killed a couple of enemies, but ultimately UkraineEdward remained alone versus 3, and with the bomb planted on B. He slowly moved from A, killing one of the defenders, but couldn’t secure the round. LDLC won the first map 16 to 8.


Statistics courtesy of HLTV


CISNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalTeam LDLC - de_cbble


We moved on de_cbble, where we started as Counter-Terrorists. Overall, this is a map more favourable to LDLC, and they demonstrated that they were in their comfort zone by winning all the early rounds, bringing the score to 1-7. We claimed only round 3 thanks to a double kill from both UkraineEdward and Ukraines1mple.
We scored another victory on round 9, but after that the situation kept being dire. On round 12 the score was 2-9: after a first skirmish both teams lost two members; our guys decided to defend A, but LDLC predicted our placement and flanked us. We eco-ed a round, and on round 14 we managed to defeat all LDLC’s forces that conquered B, thanks to a successful attack from both connector and terrace. Finally, once again relocating through the connector, we blocked LDLC’s last attempt on A. The first round ended with a 4-11 score, with InternationalLDLC in advantage.
We lost the pistol round, but quickly regained the control of the situation in the following round, forcing LDLC to eco. On round 5 we split-pushed through long A and CT ramp, conquering A and planting; with only two players alive LDLC decided to save. The score was 7-13 and they were forced to eco again, thus granting us another easy victory. On round 7 LDLC finally bought: they killed most of our team during the first fight, but Ukraines1mple was able to achieve a double kill before the death. Afterwards Russian Federationflamie sneakily approached B to plant the bomb, and secured the round with two more kills. 
Surfing the victory, our team continued their streak, bringing the score to 10-13. The flow of the game was blocked by a tactical pause, after which our opponents were able to win two consecutive rounds, reaching the matchpoint. CISNatus Vincere decided to focus their attention on A, but their movements were blocked by a barrage of AK-47 fire: we lost three players, SlovakiaGuardiaN brought down two opponents with his sniping skills, but it wasn’t enough to come back. LDLC won also the second map of the day with a 16-10 score.

Statistics courtesy of HLTV

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