ESL Pro League S5: Draw with VP


In our second day in the European Qualifiers of ESL Pro League Season 5, we faced in two consecutive Bo1 matches. On de_train our guys easily breached the enemy defenses, scoring the first victory of the day, but we lost on de_cbble, bringing the final score to 1-1.


ESL Pro League S5 - EU Qualifiers

[16:10 de_train]

[8:16 de_ cbble]



CISNatus Vincere G2A VS - de_train [1:0]


The map selected for the first encounter was de_train, and our guys played on the CT-side. The first 3 rounds have not gone well for us - having lost pistol round, we were struggling economy wise and were forced to eco. However, on the round 4, we were in a 2v1 set-up by the end, with Russian FederationFlamie flanking pashaBiceps to bring our first round on board. 
We claimed an easy 5th round, but afterwards both teams had enough money to attempt a proper fight: we did our best defending, and SlovakiaGuardiaN has almost scored some decisive kills in Ivy, but ultimately VP won the round. Round 7 featured a 1vs1 fight between Snax and Ukraines1mple, the opponent planted on A and had an AWP, our player tried dodging his field of view exploiting blue train, but he was spotted. Following an eco, VP brought their advantage to 6-2, but CISNatus Vincere earned two precious rounds back thanks to the money saved so far. 
VP sacrificed one round to save for an AK lineup, but their hopes were crushed by s1mple, who got a triple kill on round 12, destroying their economy once again. The successive eco round wasn’t shabby, they planted a bomb and brought down two of our guys. There was only 1 round worth of difference when the 14th started: Slovakia GuardiaN’s attempt to push Ivy failed, s1mple avenged him, pashaBiceps tried to solo our guys with a sniper rifle, but Russian Federationflamie and UkraineEdward punished him. Another easy round and the first half reached its end, 9 to 6 for Natus Vincere.
On the T-side, the pistol round went smoothly; we planted the bomb and suffered only two casualties. Another victory, and at 11-6 the game was paused due to technical issues, giving the teams the time to reorganize their strategies. Back to the game, Na`Vi won two consecutive rounds, so that had to eco, bring the score to 14-6. Afterwards, Ukraines1mple alone tried a clutch while the bomb was planted on B; one enemy fell but the last one killed him and defused.
Our guys went eco a round, saving enough money to try a comeback in the next one: we smoked past Ivy, three of our men advanced to A2, and then conquered the bomb train area, cleaning it from any hostile force. The matchpoint round was denied by VP, so we had to pull off a force buy for the next round. Our decision making rewarded our guys with the final point; CISNatus Vincere G2A won the first map 16-10.


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CISNatus Vincere G2A VS - de_cbble [1:1]


The second game took place on de_cbble, where our guys lost the pistol round on the T-side, and the successive fights due to some unlucky fights. At 0-4 we decided to force-buy, rushing towards B and losing 1 man in the action, we claimed the area but PolandVP counter-attacked, both teams suffered heavy casualties, and ultimately VP won but with just 1 man alive, a great result considering the money we invested in this assault. Our guys tried a comeback with a full AK lineup, but VP continued their win streak, also helped by the innate advantage that CT had on this map: the score was 0-8. Finally we prevailed and secured a point for our team, despite the money disadvantage.
On Round 11 Ukraines1mple tried to snatch another victory alone against two opponents, he planted on A and guarded the area from cannons; he was able to bring down a man before the bomb was defused. We won round 12, forcing VP to eco and rushing B with our AKs; the score jumped to 3. Another swift victory, and we moved on round 15, where we crushed VP defenses advancing through CT ramp. The first half ended with a 5-10 score, and we moved on the CT-side.

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We won the pistol round and the successive ones, while VP had to eco. On the 3rd they counter-attacked: a couple dropped in connector, our snipers blocked some near Terrace, but ultimately they won in a 2vs1 situation, while our last soldier was relocating from B. In the next round, VP decided to penetrate through long A, then they planted the bomb and chased our last player alive, SlovakiaGuardiaN, who tried to save his AWP, without success. 
On round 7 we split our forces, defending both A and B, three members of VP breached our defense in A and planted the bomb, the remainings cleaned B, Russian Federationseized alone tried to save, but he couldn’t. Our guys tried their best, but this map was highly favourable to PolandVP, and in the end they won 16 to 8.
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