Red Bull Battle Grounds



Dota 2 is continuously developing, professional matches gaining larger audiences. The substantial growth of the game's popularity is attracting new sponsors that are ready to expand into new areas. The energy drinks producer Red Bull is a great example of the new coming sponsors. The company is organizing a large tournament Red Bull Battle Grounds for all the fans with a prize pool of 75 000 $.


The format of the championship is quite unusual and gains much interest. Red Bull Battle Grounds will be held in three stages: group stage, play off and LAN-final. 20 teams, divided into 5 regions (Europe, the CIS, China, America and South-East Asia) will participate in the group stage. Only the best teams of each region will survive the hard battle held in double elimination format and pass to the next stage.


These teams will go to Red Bull studio located in Santa-Monica (California) to enter the battle of the second stage. Information about the format of the play off stage is kept in secret. Of 5 teams, only two will win the right to participate in the LAN-final that will be held in Warfield theatre (San-Francisco).

Therefore the finalists of the tournament will have a very nice trip over the beautiful cities of the US. It will be quite useful on the eve of The International 5. Be sure that every team will put much effort to gain such opportunity. The qualifiers promise to be spectacular!



Red Bull Battle Grounds

Match schedule:


Match schedule:
Time (CET) Match Match Page
OVER Russian FederationTeam Empire [1:0]Russian FederationHellRaisers  
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [1:0]Russian Watch
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [1:0]Russian FederationTeam Empire Watch
OVER Russian [0:1]Russian FederationHellRaisers  
OVER Russian FederationTeam Empire [0:1]Russian FederationHellRaisers  
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [1:2]Russian FederationHellRaisers Watch


Group stage: 29 March - 18 April

Play-off: 5 - 7 May

LAN-final: 10 May

List of participants:

List of participants:
The CIS Europe China South-East Asia America
Ukraine Natus Vincere United States Cloud  China Invictus Gaming (Q) Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix International Team Tinker
Russian Federation Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas China LGD Gaming Malaysia Team Malaysia (Q) Peru Not Today
Russian Federation Team Empire International Team Secret  China Vici Gaming Philippines Rave United States Summer's Rift
Russian Federation HellRaisers Sweden Alliance China NewBee Australia Can't Say Wips TBD

Tournament brackets (CIS):

Grand Final:

Grand Final
The Winner
1 Ukraine Natus Vincere
Win Russian FederationHellRaisers
2 Russian FederationHellRaisers

Upper brackets:

Slot in the Final
1Russian Federation Team Empire
0Russian Federation Team Empire
Ukraine Natus Vincere
0Russian Federation HellRaisers
1Ukraine Natus Vincere
1Ukraine Natus Vincere
0Russian Federation

Lower brackets:

Round 1
Round 2
Slot in the Final

0 Russian FederationTeam Empire
Russian FederationHellRaisers

1Russian Federation HellRaisers
1Russian FederationHellRaisers
0Russian Federation

Prize pool:

$ 75 000

Team squads:

UkraineNatus Vincere: Dendi, XBOCT, funn1k, Vanskor, SoNNeikO
Russian FederationTeam Empire: Silent, ALOHADANCE, Resolut1on, yoky, ALWAYSWANNAFLY
Russian FederationHellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, gorec, goddam, Artes
Russian Lil, IllidanSTR, fng, standin.God, standin.Sedoy

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#1 ph AkeeLees 16 April 2015, 01:59
we still believe navi!!
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#2 ee AiRman 16 April 2015, 10:12
let's see what u can show us.
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#3 br neryreginato 16 April 2015, 13:54
That team squad is wrong. Anyway, let's go Na'Vi!
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