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We've created a new column to collect the most interesting things of Reddit website! The news, Ask me Anything featuring such interesting players as Romania w33, Canada EternalEvVy, funny moments of the streams, interesting works and many other things, which happened in Dota 2 world during the first day of summer.

The International 2015 prize pool


It happened on 6 June The International 2015 prize pool has become the largest in the histrory of eSports. Since then it has grown by as much as 4 million, having almost reached the main aim of 15 million. This year it took only 35 days for the prize pool to overcome the previous one. "Maybe $15 Million isn't a crazy goal. :) Congrats Dota community. Well paid! " wrote user wykrhm.




Since we are about a month away from the main event, the user offer variants of the next goal. For example, 9Gaming offered a funny idea: забавную идею: 1vs1 encounter at mid between the creator of original DotA Icefrog and Valve's face and brain — Gabe Newell. What do you think?



Source 2


Many people liked a simple and effective mod Overthrow, issued along with beta of Reborn update at new engine Source 2. «I vote for an "Overthrow" match for the All-Star match at TI5. Wouldn't it be awesome? Please make it happen» says yanenrogne. Well, true. The original map has outlived itself. We are unlikely to get new hero of  Techies kind, and no one will be surprized with Roshan.s.



Perhaps, there's a couple of people, who haven't tried the new engine and new map yet. Gollum999 made a very rpofound comparison of practically each smallest part of the map at 2 engines. Check out!



As you know, one of Compendium's reward is a new Desert Terrain. It is especially pleasant for those readers, who won't have opportunity to have rest at the sea this summer. So let's compare the map with the original and share your impressions!



Ask Me Anything

Reddit has been long known for its AMA (Ask me anything). Many well-known people answer questions, put in AMAs by ordinary users. Dota 2 is no exception. So we've collected the most interesting "questions/answers" of the past month.



United States William Cho


ESL ONE Frankfurt Host



- Do you think you should be listed on Wikipedia's list of famous Cho's? Margaret cho is on there as is the fictional Harry Potter character Cho Chang. I went ahead and added you in
- I could only dream of joining the ranks of women such as Margaret Cho or Cho Chang until this day. Thank you hotbid, I can retire now



- A few questions, the replies will probably be short though:

  • How did you prepare for the event: watching VODs, analyzing stats of the teams, reading interviews, etc?
  • How good were United States Nahaz's dance moves at the afterparty?
  • Do you intend to host more Dota 2 events?
  • Do you see yourself attending Dota 2 LAN events as a spectator ever? Possibly The International?
  • What was the biggest thing you learnt hosting this event?


Hey thanks for dropping by!
  • First was reading up on the teams - player histories, who's hot who's not, big storylines. How many times did certain teams meet so far this year? is there a clear favorite? etc. Also favorite heroes and whatnot. I skimmed datdota but there's so much info there it was hard to parse through on my first run! I watched a lot of The Summit and of course all the seeding brackets to prepare. Listening to what casters focus on, how the community reacted to certain plays and results, gave me a much better idea on what to look for when watching in the current meta. As mentioned, I played quite a bit before so I knew the mechanics etc, so the actual watching of the games was not new nor hard for me.
  • We were speaking to a dance floor legend all weekend and didn't know o.o
  • Definitely if I have a say in it =)
  • Would love to but for now my schedule at ESL is quite packed with multiple games. I have yet to go to a TI though and that would be the dream to go watch TI.



  • Is this your first encounter with Dota 2 or have you been playing for a while?
  • Favorite hero?
  • Favorite pro player/personality?
  • Will we be seeing you in future events?
Thanks for doing this, your sexy voice in esl has made me a fan!
  • No it is not! I was introduced to dota2 back in 2011-2012 by my college suit mate. Loved the game, loved the multi-dimensional play, and I love putting myself to challenges so I got hooked and actually dropped all my other games just to focus on getting better at dota for almost half a year (I didn't get that much better haha). Sadly I didn't get to keep up with it for a while in Korea, but I'm glad to be involved in it now (and will def. have to start playing more again!)
  • friends got me started on  Lich and  Crystal Maiden for obvious reasons haha. Personally I've always been a fan of  Clockwerk (I think just the design itself (VO, skills, sounds etc.) really got me to like him. Back then I was reading up on the other dota heroes not in dota2 yet and when I read about  Phoenix I was super interested, so I was happy to see lots of phoenix play this weekend!
  • I mean I only recently got to meet a lot of these guys. From before though, when I was doing other titles, I'd always watch how various games do their casting, and always paid close attention to Tobi and Cap's to see what was different from me and what I could take. Of course, Blitz has a special place in my heart after our time in Korea with Zephyr, and...I mean back when I first got into dota2 Ukraine Dendi was everyone's hero and I loved watching his plays.
  • If I can help it, yes. I always enjoyed watching dota 2. It's a naturally dramatic game for the most part, but it also is a complex game so I think it makes for fantastic watching if you know the basics. I loved the atmosphere this weekend, loved the guys on the panel, and will be sure to get myself in to more dota 2 if all allows it.
Thank you very much for the kind words and great questions!




United States William Lee


Former player of Korea, Republic of Zephyr, currently the caster of joinDota



- What's the difference between a high mmr pubstar and a top tier pro?


- High level pubstars might even be more mechanically strong, but I think the major difference is experience and nerves. I get so god damn nervous playing against actual teams, whereas if I meet a pro in a pub game I know I can fall back on abusing his teammates. There is nothing like that in pro games.



- Are you gonna wear the husbando and waifu shirts with United States Purge this TI?

- I'm wearing mine now, unsure if he still has his.



- I still got it.


- w_w




- Now that gay marriage is legal all across the U.S will you and United States Purge be wed soon? 


- ASAP GET LIKE ME (the abovementioned same-sex relations are actually a joke - editor's note)




Romania Aiwi Omar


International 4 Clover & Lepricon player, 8k mmr



- What's the difference between 5k and 6k players?


- Not much, decision making and attitudes



- Hello, big fan here!! Have you ever play against Bouvet Island n0tail Meepo Meepo? Did you win? Keep it up!



- I did, he likes to go  Boots of Travel first item so it was a really easy game once I got a few kills with  Earthshaker.




- Hello, i am a fan big time here! Why did you leave your music career? Do you still have the intend of proceeding a music career?


- <3



- Your attitude of "I don't care" and "I will go to TI if you like it or not" caused you to get a lot of haters. Looking back at the whole incident, do you regret how you handled the situation?

- It's true that i didn't handle it well, i am usually a pretty straightforward guy and i just spoke my mind without thinking, it had a negative impact on my mindset so if i were to do that again i would probably rethink my words 




Romania Alexandru Craciunescu


Former player of Germany Mousesports, last team — International Burden United



- Will you CryWithMe?
Only if we drink after:)



- Want to join my team? We suck and I'm the only person above 3k MMR and we've never actually got to play a game but you can join anyway.
- Sounds awesome, let's go


- Who killed International Burden United?

- Its not anyones fault in particular, from where i'm standing it was really hard to do this in the first place, but we had a try at least! It's better than doing nothing. :D





Canada Jacky Mao


Player of United States Cloud9, he's known for an unusual collections of various heroes


This is no ordinary AMA. This is the collection of the answers during the stream of the player at Twitch. Watch the repeat of the stream here.


  • ESL was both good and bad.
  • Germany Fata and Canada EE had a huge fight after ESL.
  • Journalism (and e-sports journalism) is bullshit.Invictus 
  • The best carry in the world right now is United States RTZ, but it could change quickly.
  • Bouvet Island N0tail is amazing... "He's a true man"... but he's broken after playing with Sweden Fnatic.
  • There are internal issues in C9 right now that prevent Canada EE from playing to its full potential.
  • Canada EE feels responsible for losing the first game vs China iG. He feels United States C9 could have won game 3 if his teammates had listened to him.
  • Canada EE plans on playing DOTA for 2 or 3 more years.
  • United States C9 has 4 players who are "next level" and one player who is "very good, but not next level" (Bouvet Island Misery)
  • Canada EE says he's a "caster-hater," but he enjoys listening to United States Capitalist because he knows the game.
  • He feels he has gotten stronger over the past year. (Edit from Canada EE: "I said I've gotten weaker in many ways over the past year though >_>")
  • Netherlands SingSing is very mechanically strong, but he's not someone you want to play with in a team. He's not fun to play with. He added that he hasn't played with Sing in a year though, so things might be different now.
  • "I don't consider Germany Black that good." And Canada EE thinks a lot of people think the same way.
  • Romania Bone is drafting because he's the most stable player
  • Canada EE doesn't feel like he (and carry players in general) can draft this patch because carries just sit in lane but there's too much going on in the early and mid game for carries to understand how to draft. He also mentioned he thought Hao drafting for VG was genuinely really fucking them over.
  • Sing also doesn't really criticise others but EE has no idea as to whether it's because he doesn't notice or whatever



majan_pl made an interesting proposition: to change icon of  Black King Bar after each use. Valve might listen to it and introduce the change in the new grand update. It is small, yet very useful. 

In reply to this post, LeRohameaux joked comparing it to the weapon of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

"10s - Factory New
9s - Minimal Wear
8s - Field-Tested
7s - Well-Worn

6-5s - Battle-Scarred".




Do you count every day left till getting the third Immortal treasure? This is nothing compared to waiting for the smiles of Dota Asian Championship. The user admiralallahackbar complains: "It has been 117 days since DAC and still no emoticons". Frankly speaking on the next day after this post, the update was released with long-waited smiles.



What do you think about new music pack written by United States Hans Zimmer? The community adored the idea and got the post to top.  Сообщество крепко ухватилось за эту возможность, подняв пост в топ. "Let him make this Volvo (Valve). Great game need a Great score.  Two Steps From Hell + Hans Zimmer = Epic!" we decided to support this call.




Cosmetic items don't influence the game much. Still many users appreciate them much and wish to possess these items. That is why the renovation of many out-of-date items along with update Reborn was put to question. The example of such renovation is shown in the picture above. What do you thing about new Sange & Yasha for  Riki?




Reddit also paid attention to our team. "Average teamfight of Ukraine Natus Vincere" - sometimes it's hard to argue with that. Well the main thing is to win. Here's another funny picture by Fghuy100:





The popularity of International Team Secret is constantly growing. It is construed to be one of the favorites of The International 2015. Here's a splendid work inspired by a well-known anime Naruto.




Speaking of Team Secret, we can't help mentioning the main star of the team - United States Arteezy. Just watch his dad walking in during the stream. посмотрите на эмоции его отца во время вчерашнего стрима! "Ban incoming for topless streaming?" Decency jokes.




The list of casters and analysts of TI5 isn't full yet. However, yesterday, the community raised question on inviting former captain of Ukraine Natus Vincere Ukraine Arthur "Goblak" Kostenko to the tournament. The question was raised both by the Russian-speaking and English-speaking community. Let's see, what will be.



To finalize, we'd like to ask: "Who do you wish to see as a caster and analyst at The International" Leave your answers in the comments!

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