Vote or you'll lose!

Today is the final day of voting. According to the data we received yesterday, our team is at the third line of the rating. This means that we will pass to the next stage, unless the situation changes in few hours.
Many of you, who wish to vote for us, are still hesitating. We understand your hesitations: the new squad played only one official match. The performance was beautiful and bright, but the result was uneven due to the DDOS attack.
Apart from one official match, we conducted a couple of training battles with the best teams of Europe and the USA. The results achieved in the first trainings impressed everyone: it became clear that we'd finally created the squad capable of returningUkraineNatus Vincere to Dota Olympus.
Today our first joint training in Kyiv starts, and in a couple of days we'll participate in the Red Bull Battle Ground qualifiers, where we will obtain opportunity to demonstrate to all the indecisive fans, that the time of hesitations has passed and the time of the victories has come!
16 April will be the day when you will either be glad for having time to vote forUkraineNatus Vincere or be sorry for doubting in us. However one thing will happen for sure. We will return that particular branded navi battle (non-stop) dota, we've been missing for such a long time.
Summing up, choose us right now and be happy on Thursday for having been right, or don't vote and be sorry for that for the rest of your life.
P.S.Russian FederationVote for  Team Empire, they are the champions of MLG!

How to vote?


Step 1: open "Tournaments" folder in the game client. Choose "Premium" section, find The Summit and click the icon that resembles an open book.


Step 2: Choose "Redemption Team Vote" (it is in the 20th line) in the Table of Contents.



Step 3: choose 1 to 3 favorite teams in the voting field. Put their names in your Compendium. Note that the team you put first will get 3 scores, the second team will get 2 scores and the last team will get 1.


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Comments (5)
#1 nl MC.Snacks 14 April 2015, 17:14
Already voted for Natus Vincere :D
Gold 28 Respect 2
#2 ph AkeeLees 14 April 2015, 17:24
you got this navi! we believe!
Gold 0 Respect 0
#3 ph BossDomar 15 April 2015, 00:57
Go Navi !!

We trust in your Power! and Also the Power Hook of Pudge by dendi! :)
Gold 0 Respect 0
#4 ph unothejuan 15 April 2015, 06:49
Go na'vi!!!!i will support you na'vi because you are my inspiration in dota 2.
Gold 20 Respect 0
#5 ph rajma_choi 18 April 2015, 06:52
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