CS teams rating by Natus Vincere for Feb

Dear friend, we want to introduce you our newest edition of our monthy Counter-Strike ranking, now updated with February results. As you may remember, this year we have decided to do two CS rankings including performance and prize money won parameters.


Last month wasn't that full with tournaments so it was only Kingston Trilogy Tour that allowed us to do some changes. You can see how new rankings look like now in the expanded newsfeed.


On a separate note we want to remind that image IEM6 World Championship is coming really soon (March, 6-10th) and on 18th of March image Moscow will host Techlabs Ru 2012 finals featuring image Natus Vincere and image SK-Gaming. Except Counter-Strike, Na`Vi.DotA will also attend the event to face DTS in the DOTA 2 showmatch. 

Speaking about DotA 2, our ranking for this game will be available a little bit later.


Ranking by points





Ranking by prize money won




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