Na`Vi vs FnaticRC and aL today!

UPDATE #2: Na`Vi take the win against aL!
UPDATE: The match against FnaticRC got postponed and the match against aL is delayed with 3 hours!

After our two solid victories against image Darer and image M5 yesterday, our team is back with some more official matches today at around 18.00 PM CET. The first clash will commence in The Premier League where we will meet image FnaticRaidcall. We'll be going head to head with image Absolute Legends in StarLadder.

The Fnatic guys haven't had the easiest route through their Dota 2 adaptation having to face top teams from the get-go. image Na`Vi of course is not an exception! Will they be able to overcome a top team finally? Watch the match and find out!

image Absolute Legends were on a quite big losing streak (-10) before they managed to grab a win against the Chinese powerhouse image DK. Are they back to their old shape or was it a one-hit wonder? Tune in tonight at around 19.00 PM CET when the match will probably be played and see for yourself! (

Stream for the match against image FnaticRaidcall, around 18.00 PM CET


Stream for the match against image aL, around 19.00 PM CET

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#1 30 May 2012, 08:14
Na'Vi go go!
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