Counter-Strike 1.6 Rankings by Natus Vin

Rankings has always been popular in every community so once we were sitting in the pub office and thought "Hey, let's make our own rating for CS 1.6 and DotA 2!". What was said - was quicky done and today we want to show you Counter-Strike 1.6 rating by Natus Vincere. Currently there is only one tournament which is IEM 6 Global Challenge Kiev so it covers only January, 2012 team performance. We did a different coefficients for different tournaments which you can see here. To be even more clear, the second rating demonstrates prize-money won performance which is also a bit interesting to see a little bit later. DOTA 2 rankings will be done shortly.

Current Rankings


Prize-money won Ranking


* Legend: 1st column = Ranking, 2nd = Team, 3rd = Tournament, 4th = Number of points in the previous month, 5th = Total number of points/money.

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