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Last weekend WCA 2015 took place in Yinchaun, China. SwedenAlliance took home the trophy after defeating chinese powerhouse ChinaLGD 3-2 in the grand final. InternationalTeam Liquid got third place after beating ChinaWings Gaming 3-0 in the 3rd place match. This tournament was the first one to be played in the 6.86 patch that went like 12 hours before the start of the matches. WCA had some greats games but also had a lot of flaws, here are the top 9 things to remember from WCA.


China needs some fresh meat fast

The year of 2015 was probably the worst year for the Chinese Dota scene, winning only 2 premier tournaments out of 19 that happened this year. There are many things that may have caused this decline but the main one is the lack of young Chinese players in the scene. Most top Chinese teams continue to shuffle around veteran players that have been in the scene for years as opposed to what happens in the western scene, with teams bringing in pubstars like PakistanSyed Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan, JordanAmer "Miracle-" al-Barqawi and Syrian Arab RepublicAliwi "w33" Omar. The lack of new blood means their scene is stale and lacks life, and if China wants be competitive again in 2016 they will need to change that.

Chinese teams only won i-league Season 3 and StarSeries Season 12 in 2015


Better communication between organizers and teams

If you’re hosting a tournament with a prizepool of over $650,000 dollars, there are certain things that you should be able to provide, one of which is a rule set that actually makes sense. Cyborgmatt, InternationalTeam Secret’s Manager, provided on Twitter some insight on the WCA rule book that left many people wondering if he was serious or not. One of the more controversial ones stated that players could receive yellow or red cards as a penalty if they played in a “passive” way. Another rule that left the community baffled said that the players could also not wear open toed shoes, which included sandals and flip flops. 



Patches shouldn’t happen 12 hours before a tournament

If you are a pro player getting ready to play for potentially thousands of dollars, having the game you play completely change 12 hours before you start playing is one of  the worst things that can happen to you, but this was exactly what happened before WCA, as Valve released the much anticipated 6.86 patch hours before the first game was scheduled to be played. This meant that teams had little to no time to get used to the changes that included some changes to the map. Valve should take the players’ needs into consideration when releasing a new patch to make sure that they don’t disturb any tournaments.
6.86 went live 12 hours before the tournament started

Players need to play in decent conditions

Despite the substantial prize pool, WCA felt like a tournament that was hosted years ago, when eSports were just a shadow of what they are today. Players shouldn’t have to withstand miserable playing conditions that even led to some of the players in the event needing a trip to the hospital for treatment. Alliance’s own SwedenGustav "s4" Magnusson played the last two days of the event with the flu that he got because the venue had no heating and temperatures were freezing cold. Couple this with the lack of catering, a viewing area for spectators and overall bad organization; by and large, WCA left a lot to be desired in that department.
s4 played the last 2 days of the tournament with the flu. Picture by @MalystryxGDS

The need for casters at the venue

Tournaments rely on viewership to be considered successful, and a large portion of the people that watch tournaments watch them via streaming sites like Twitch.tv. It is not acceptable that today tournaments refuse to fly out casters to the venue to broadcast the event, leaving studios like joinDota and BeyondTheSummit to cast with excessive ping and constant lag that hinders the spectators’ experience. 

TobiWan and Synderen casting the The International 5. Picture by Valve


Tournaments need a decent schedule

The first day of WCA ended just 5 hours before the second day start, meaning that it lasted almost 24 hours, so the players had to stay at the venue for long hours then had to head back to the hotel late into the night to get some rest. The schedule also meant that games, including the quarter and semifinals, were being played at the same time, hurting the viewers’ experience.
The TNC players getting some rest while waiting for iG to finish their match. Picture from Reddit


Kelly Milkies is one of the best people in the scene

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Alliance’s manager, Kelly Milkies, is one of the best people in the Dota scene, and at this event she showed why. She asked on Twitter for players and managers present at WCA, regardless of the game they played, to contact her with complaints so she could meet with organizers to improve the players’ experience. Even though she was only there for Alliance she helped over 50 players!
Kelly with her boyfriend and Alliance player, Loda at WCA. Picture from her Twitter


Old heroes will be seen again and new additions will emerge

Even though this was the first tournament in 6.86 it brought back a lot of heroes that were missing from competitive play in the last few patches, and some new faces that were introduced to Captain's Mode in 6.86. Heroes like Keeper of the Light Keeper of the LightChen Chen,Pudge Pudge and Weaver Weaver returned to the pro scene and  Oracle and Earth Spirit Earth Spirit debuted at WCA. Earth Spirit was picked 11 times and had 7 wins and 4 loses, while Oracle was picked 9 times and had 4 wins and 5 losses. Meanwhile Terrorblade Terrorblade, that was re-added into CM,  was snubbed by most teams only being picked by Digital Chaos in their loss against MVP Phoenix.
Earth Spirit was picked 11 times and had a respectable 64% win rate

Popular heroes from 6.85 will remain at the top tier picks

WCA allowed us to see what heroes can be considered top tier picks in 6.86. Even though he was hit with some nerfs, Tusk Tusk was the most picked hero in the tournament being played in 33 games with an impressive 60.61% win rate. The second most picked hero, being picked in 31 games with a 58.06% win rate, was Gyrocopter Gyrocopter that was almost untouched in 6.86, receiving only a slight nerf his ultimate, Call Down. On the other hand of the spectrum, Windranger Windranger, that received big nerfs in the Balance of Power update, was only picked 5 times and had a 40% win rate. Alchemist Alchemist, who was also a popular pick in 6.85, had an abysmal tournament with a 28.57% win rate in 9 games.
Looks like Tusk is here to stay, being the most picked hero at WCA with 33 picks
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