Reno revives the Fatigue mechanic


The League of Explorers introduced in the game a very particular card that could potentially lead to the creation of decks never seen before, or to the use of a mechanic considered secondary up to this point. Reno Jackson's battlecry fully heals your hero if your deck contains no more than 1 of any card. Also note that you can actually build a deck with duplicates because Reno takes into account only the cards remaining in your deck, not the ones that are in your hand or have been already played.
Initially, some people labelled it just a fun/non-competitive minion because the idea of having a deck without duplicates is almost mind blowing - but that was just the first impression with the new card. During the last week, most of the creative players of the community have been focusing on experimenting and testing possible decks for Reno, so theorycraft is on fire.
According to the general opinion, Reno could be a good pick in a Control or Mill deck.
  • The purpose of the Mill deck is to force the enemy hero to draw as many cards as possible to overflow his hand. Realistically, he won't have the mana to use all these cards and eventually his deck will be exhausted. Once that happens, the player will receive fatigue damage at the start of each turn: 1 for the first time, 2 for the second and so on.
  • The Control deck prioritizes the control of the board, usually through minion advantage, but there are also many spells that can do this job, such as Frostbolt. It focuses on safely reaching the late game, where your deck can be expressed at its full potential.
Reno Jackson could be a perfect card to exploit the fatigue mechanic, that can be utilized with either a Control or Mill deck. You want to reach the late game and possibly have more cards left than your enemy, so he will be affected by fatigue before you, and even if the situation is critical, you still have Reno to fully heal yourself.
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We believe that the best classes to play this kind of fatigue deck are the mage and the warrior. Both Control Warrior and Freeze Mage excel in controlling the board and stalling until the late game. In this kind of deck you aren't even forced to have just 1 card of each kind, because you will have time to use most of the duplicates before it will be necessary to play Reno. The idea is to activate him once you have only a few cards left in the deck or are already under the fatigue’s effect. Of course, if you play with 30 different cards you can have the security of using it at any time if needed, but is it really worth it? There still isn’t a proper answer to this question. More possible decks which have been experimented with in this period are: Fatigue Priest, Control Druid, Mill Rogue, Highlander Paladin and Reno Handlock. The Highlander is a deck that can only have 1 copy of each card.
It is still early to know the real impact of Reno Jackson in the meta and if it will become a solid pick or will be forgotten in a few months, but meanwhile, this card is already at the base of the creation of many new decks. Finally, beware: fatigue decks aren't considered fun for the opponents and they are often criticized, but in the end, the moral issue is really a secondary problem because the only thing that matters is victory.
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