Na`Vi at ESL One New York


Na'Vi is never enough! This statement can become an alternative slogan for the regular ESL. This time the leading teams from all over the world will meet in New York having undergone a very tough selection in their regions. Notably, our organization will be represented at the tournament by its both divisions: European and American. Therefore the fans of Natus Vincere will enjoy twice as much matches of their favorite team and thus twice as much reasons to follow the tournament.


European squad of the Born to Win will go to New York straight from China. What will overwhelm them? Will it be the fatigue or the acquired experience and teamplay? We'll see at the tournament.


List of winners:

Nickname Profile link
RomaniaSacredProfane - 1 place Profile
pe Ruteri14 - 2 place Profile
au chrasliskz - 3 place Profile
ph GoAroundNKill Profile
mm jamesboy10 Profile
ph xmiranax1 Profile
ph Ryuujih Profile
ph joshuajake32 Profile
pk fun73r Profile
id kiramen29 Profile
pe hirox15 Profile
ph miracle12310 Profile
bd v_kingfrost Profile
vn lequan1989hn Profile
sg AzuraStory Profile



News Feed:

2 October - CONTEST! We'll raffle 3 cards from TI (see the picture below) among all the people, that will predict correctly the names of the 5 winning teams and their respective places (from the first to the fifth). The terms of the contest are here. The photos of the prizes:

Share your forecasts in the comments below. The last date for forecasts share is 9 October, 10:00 AM.



Time Match Match Page
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [1:2]ChinaVici Gaming Watch
OVER United StatesNa`Vi.US [0:2]InternationalTeam Secret Watch


2 InternationalCloud9
1United StatesEvil Geniuses
WinChinaVici Gaming
0 United StatesSNA
1 Sweden Alliance
2United StatesEvil Geniuses
2 United StatesEvil Geniuses
1 Ukraine Natus Vincere
2ChinaVici Gaming
2ChinaVici Gaming
2 ChinaVici Gaming
2 InternationalSecret Team
0InternationalSecret Team
0 United StatesNa`Vi.US


Prize pool:

top 1 place - ~ $45, 200

top 2 place - ~ $22, 600

top 3top 4 places - ~ $11, 300

top 5-8 places - ~ $5,600

List of participants:

  Natus Vincere: Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Fng, Vanskor

Sweden Alliance: Loda, Akke, AdmiralBulldog

InternationalCloud9: EternalEnvy, Fata-, Aui_2000, pieliedie, bone7

InternationalSecret Team: Puppey, Kuroky, BigDaddy, Fly, s4

United StatesSneaky Nyx Assassins: USH, TC, ixmike88, FLUFFNSTUFF, whiteBeard

United StatesNa`Vi.US: Sneyking, Korok, Brax, Fogged, 1437

United StatesEvil Geniuses: Arteezy, Fear, Universe, zai, ppd

ChinaVici Gaming: Black, Super, iceiceice, Fenrir, fy

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