The Summit report


The adventure in Los Angeles is about to begin! The best teams from around the world were gathered by Beyond The Summit, to have a grand rehearsal before the main tournament of the year. What to expect of this tournament, and when to cheer for Na'Vi?

Watch live:


Tournament format

  • Group stage (bo1): every team will play each other.
  • Double Elimination bracket (bo3): 4 teams which were a the top of their group - upper bracket; the other two - in the lower bracket.
  • Winner of the group stage has a right to choose their opponent (from the teams on 3-4 place in groups) for semifinals winners game.
  • Grand finals (bo5): without any advantage to a team which was selected in winners' bracket.


Tournament bracket:


2 ChinaTeam DK
2ChinaTeam DK
WinChinaTeam DK
0 SwedenFnatic
1 Ukraine Natus Vincere
0China Vici Gaming
2 ChinaVici Gaming




2 United StatesEvil Geniuses
2United StatesEvil Geniuses
1China Vici Gaming
Win -United StatesEvil Geniuses
1 United States Natus Vincere US
0Ukraine Natus Vincere 
2United StatesEvil Geniuses
2Ukraine Natus Vincere 


Grand Final

Grand final
Time Teams
Team DK [1:1] Evil Geniuses


Play-off games:

PLAY-OFF 06.06
Time Game Game Page
OVER Team DK [2:0] Fnatic  


PLAY-OFF 07.06
Time Game Game Page
OVER Natus Vincere [1:2]Vici Gaming Watch
OVER Evil Geniuses [2:0]Fnatic  
OVER Na`Vi [2:1] Na`Vi.US Watch
OVER Team DK [2:0]Vici Gaming  


PLAY-OFF 08.06
Time Game Game Page
OVER Natus Vincere [0:2]Evil Geniuses Watch
OVER Evil Geniuses [2:1] Vici Gaming  


Tournament table:

Group stage table
Team G W L P
China Team DK 5 4 1 12
China  Vici Gaming 5 3 2 9
Ukraine  Natus Vincere 5 3 2 9
International  Fnatic 5 3 2 9
United States  Evil Geniuses 5 2 3 6
United States  Na`Vi.US 5 0 5 0


Thursday, 05.06.14 Group stage


Na'Vi day 1 games
Time Game Game page
OVER Natus Vincere [0:1]Vici Gaming Watch
OVER Natus Vincere [0:1] Team DK Watch
OVER Na`Vi.US  [0:1]Vici Gaming Watch


Other games
Time Game
OVER Team DK  [1:0]Vici Gaming




Friday, 06.06.14 Group stage


Na'Vi day 2 games
Time Game Game page
OVER Natus Vincere [1:0]Evil Geniuses Watch
OVER Na`Vi.US  [0:1]Team DK Watch
OVER Natus Vincere [1:0] Fnatic Watch
OVER Na`Vi.US [0:1]Evil Geniuses Watch
OVER Na`Vi.US [0:1]Fnatic Watch
OVER Natus Vincere [1:0] Na`Vi.US Watch



Other games
Time Game
OVER Team DK  [0:1]Fnatic
OVER Vici Gaming [1:0] Evil Geniuses
OVER Fnatic [0:1]Evil Geniuses
OVER Fnatic [1:0]Vici Gaming
OVER Team DK [1:0]Evil Geniuses



Интервью с GoDz (русские субтитры будут позже)


Welcome to The Summit


Xeo blog from The Summit 2014 (With ENG subs)

Team rosters

Na`Vi: Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Kuroky

Team DK: Mushi, Iceiceice, Burning, Lanm, X!!

Fnatic: Fly, N0tail, Trixi, H4nn1, Excalibur (substituting Era)

Vici Gaming: Sylar, Super, rOtk, Fenrir, fy

Na`Vi.US: Brax, Korok, Fogged, Sneyking, 1437

Evil Geniuses: Arteezy, Universe, zai, ppd, Mason (substituting Fear)


Prize fund distribution

top 1 place - 22 500$ + part of funds collected from tournament ticket sales

top 2 place - 12 500$ + part of funds collected from tournament ticket sales

top 3 place - 7 500$ + part of funds collected from tournament ticket sales

top 4 place - 5 000$ + part of funds collected from tournament ticket sales

top 5 place - 1 250$ + part of funds collected from tournament ticket sales

top 6 place - 1 250$ + part of funds collected from tournament ticket sales



Just like other Dota 2 tournaments, The Summit lets the community increase the prize fund by purchasing a tournament ticket.


Bonus funds. Stretch Goals

Stretch goals
Goal Status Description
10 000$ Live stream from BBQ party.
20 000$ Interview to local police (aka Merlini), conducted from a Jacuzzi.
30 000$ 10 players selected by the community will participate in Pudge Wars Allstar match.
40 000$ A party near an inflatable pool.
50 000$ 1x1 Solo mid tournament (including the trashtalk from players).
60 000$ Ping pong tournament. Dendi will try to hold the global champion crown against any challengers.
80 000$ 2 players on 1 computer. Your favorite players will share control over one hero, battling other pairs of players.
100 000$ Summit music video.
150 000$ A community will select one of the members of Beyond The Summit, who will be forced to get a buzz cut.
322 000$ Godz will wear the Enchantress costume.
330 000$ Yung Lean will join the party on The Summit 2 tournament (winter 2014).


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Gold 0 Respect 1
#1 id hisbiy 5 June 2014, 17:18
Feel free to leave a comment boys.
Gold 34 Respect 0
#2 id maidenhard 8 June 2014, 19:58
I dont know, but as a fan, i really dissapointed with Na`vi perfomance in this tournament. Ok i agree that this team perform is better than in Starladder #9, but to be honest, Na`vi won't win TI4 if they continue like this. How we are fans can really mad, because we just want to enjoy your show Na`vi, and that money (imagine $8.9 million!) is just for you, not us and without fans, Navi is nothing! See this web, what for? just to communicate between fans and Na`vi itself (beside business thing). We always count on Na`vi!
Gold 0 Respect 0
#3 id zakharia1995 9 June 2014, 01:49
Na'vi, I hope you guys practice harder and harder for the upcoming tournaments, especially TI4. I really hope that you're able to win TI4! :D But please practice harder and harder, and if it is possible train with Chinese players. Other teams are getting stronger and stronger nowadays, but I feel today's Na'vi isn't the same with last year's Na'vi :(
Gold 8 Respect 7
#4 lv Alekzanders 9 June 2014, 10:39
There's two bootcamps coming up for them, lots of time to practice
Gold 0 Respect 0
#5 ro Sleepless 23 June 2014, 08:04
I watch all Na'Vi matches in The Summit and was verry fun! Na'Vi trying new strategy , well done!
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