SLTV StarSeries S13 LAN Finals coverage


From 19 June to 21 June Kiev Cybersport Arena will host SLTV Starladder XIII LAN finals and our teams will take part in the competition. The composition of participants is rather unimpressive, however, there still are some top CS:GO teams involved.


English stream:




Teams' teamspeak:



News feed:

  • 12:50 – Next up is CIS HellRaisers vs Poland Gamers2. Match will be played on de_overpass, the estimated start time is 11:15 (CET).
  • 12:45 – Team's teamspeak is avalable!
  • 12:30 – Unbelievable! Bulgaria Gplay defeats France EnVyUs with the score 16:14. After losing 4:11, Bulgarians managed to turn it around and earn their first points on the tournament. 



  • 11:40 – After a substantial delay the game has finally begun!
  • 11:15 – First game will be played on de_dust_2.
  • 10:55 – Good morning, dear friends! We are reporting from SLTV StarSeries XIII LAN finals. The first match of the day will be Gplay vs EnVyUs, which by the way will be trying to defend their title.


Match schedule:

natus vincere Games
Date / Time Match Stage Game page
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [16:13] Ukraine FlipSid3 Group stage Watch
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [16:14] Bulgaria Group stage Watch
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [8:16] Poland Gamers2 Group stage Watch
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [16:11] CIS HellRaisers  Group stage Watch
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [13:16] France Team EnVyUs  Group stage Watch
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] Ukraine FlipSid3 Semifinal Watch
18:00 CEST Ukraine Natus Vincere VS France Team EnVyUs  Final Watch


Group stage:

group stage
Team G W D L RD P
Ukraine Natus Vincere 5 3 0 2 -1 9
Ukraine FlipSid3 5 4 0 1 21 12
Bulgaria 5 3 0 2 5 9
Poland Gamers2 5 2 0 3 -8 6
CIS HellRaisers  5 0 0 5 -33 0
France Team EnVyUs  5 3 0 2 16 9



0Ukraine FlipSid3
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
Win -
2Ukraine Natus Vincere
2France Team EnVyUs 
0France Team EnVyUs


Other games:

Friday, 19 June

OVER Bulgaria [16:14] France Team EnVyUs 

10:30 (CET) CIS HellRaisers VS Poland Gamers2

12:00 (CET) CIS HellRaisers VS France Team EnVyUs 

13:30 (CET) Ukraine Na`Vi VS Ukraine FlipSid3
15:00 (CET) Ukraine Na`Vi VS Bulgaria
16:30 (CET) Poland Gamers2 VS Ukraine FlipSid3
18:00 (CET) CIS HellRaisers VS Bulgaria
19:30 (CET) Ukraine Na`Vi VS Poland Gamers2

Saturday, 20 June

09:00 (CET) Ukraine FlipSid3 VS France Team EnVyUs 
10:30 (CET) Bulgaria VS Ukraine FlipSid3
12:00 (CET) France Team EnVyUs VS Poland Gamers2
13:30 (CET) CIS HellRaisers VS Ukraine Na`Vi
15:00 (CET) CIS HellRaisers VS Ukraine FlipSid3
16:30 (CET) Bulgaria VS Poland Gamers2
18:00 (CET) France Team EnVyUs VS  Ukraine Na`Vi

Sunday, 21 June

OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] Ukraine FlipSid3
Live France Team EnVyUs VS Bulgaria
18:00 (CEST) Ukraine Natus Vincere VS France EnVyUs / Bulgaria 

Tournament format and maps:



  • First stage: group stage of 6 teams, each playing BO1 versus one another. Winners will advance to the next stage;
  • Second stage: Single Elimination play-offs in BO3 format. There is no match for the 3rd place. 


Tounament's official maps:



  • LAN finals location: "Kiev Cybersport Arena", Kiev, Ukraine



Despite the political tensions, there is no better place for the CIS tournament LAN finals. Kiev Cybersport Arena is traditionally hosting StarLadder LAN finals.


Last year's SLTV Starladder winner:

  • France EnVyUs - $ 18 000;



Previous season's champion is Team EnVyUs, who defeated NiP flawlessly with the final score 3:0.


Prize pool distribution:

top 1 place: $ 22 000

top 2 place: $ 12 000

top 3 place: $ 5 500

top 4 place: $ 5 500

top 5-6 place: по $ 2 500


Team rosters:


Ukraine Natus Vincere


CIS HellRaisers




Ukraine Daniil "ZeusTeslenko 

Ukraine Ioann "EdwardSuharev 

Russian Federation Denis "seizedKostin

Russian Federation Egor "flamieVasiliev

Slovakia Ladislav "GuardianKovacs


Ukraine Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow 

Russian Federation Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov

Ukraine Emil "Kucher" Akhundov  

KazakhstanDauren "Adren" Kystaubayev 

KazakhstanRustem "mou" Telepov 

ua Vladislav "bondik" Nechiporuk
ua Andrew "B1ad3" Gorodnsky
ua Egor "markeloff" Marelov
ru Georgiy "WorldEdit" Yaskin
ua Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev



France Team EnVyUs



Poland Grzegorz "szpero" Dziamałek
Poland Pawel "innocent" Mocek
Poland Mikołaj "mouz" Karolewski
Poland Jacek "minise" Jeziak
Poland Michał "MICHU" Müller
France Vincent "Happy-" Cervoni
France Nathan "NBK" Schmitt
France Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey
France Richard "shox" Papillon

France Edouard "SmithZz" Dubroudeaux

bg Emiliyan "spyleadeR" Dimitrov
bg Viktor "viktor" Dyankov
bg Kamen "bubble" Kostadinov
bg Simeon "Dream3r" Ganev
bg Nikolay "nkl" Krustev


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