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During the last several months, so many things have been said about The International, that now, when the main event of the summer is almost here, we are almost at a loss of words. Yes, we know that it will be spectacular. And yes, this is the first e-sports events of such scale. We know that we've created all this by ourselves by supporting our favorite game and purchasing Compendiums. The time for the final stretch has come: for players, managers, reporters, and for fans. The show begins!


The teams were gathering in Seattle since the beginning of the month. Here will be decided who will become a millionaire, the best 1x1 player, the person with the blackest Black Hole and the most massive Dream Coil. Whose Blinding Light will blind their opponents? Whose arrow can turn the tide of the match? Follow our live coverage from Seattle to be the first to find out!


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Tournament format

Wild Card tournament bracket

Wild Card tournament schedule

Group stage

Natus Vincere team

Prize fund distribution

The International 2014. General information



Wild Card team rosters

Team rosters

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Live stream

Wild Card Tournament


1x1 tournament

News feed (CET)

08.07.14 - 00:35 - Video added: Commentator and analyst predictions (part 1)

11:30 - Video added: Videoblog by prb #1

07.07.14 - 10:00 - Video added: Off to The International 2014


Tournament format

  • Regional qualifiers 12-27 May 2014 (Finished)
  • Phase 1 (bo3) - 8 July 2014:
    Wild Card tournament for the last slot at The International.


Tournament 1х1:




  • Phase two (bo1) - 9-12 July 2014:
    Group stage: matches between 16 teams
    Top 2 teams from the tournament bracket will go on to Main Stage of tournament
    6 teams taking the last places will leave the tournament
    The rest will advance to third stage of TI4



  • Phase three (bo3) - 13-14 July 2014:
    This is a battle for survival between 8 teams, since two of them will be forced to leave the tournament, and the rest will share places in the lower and upper bracket of the tournament in the Main Part of the tournament.



  • Final part of tournament (bo3) - 18-21 July 2014:
    Eight strongest teams will fight for the championship on The International 2014 in Double Elimination Bracket format on KeyArena stadium.



Phase one: Wild Card tournament

Semifinals - bo3
Finals - bo3
Wild Card winner
0 Russian Federation Virtus.Pro
0 MVP Phoenix
Win Team Liquid
2 MVP Phoenix
0 CIS Game
2 Team Liquid
2 Team Liquid


Wild Card tournament schedule

Tuesday, 8 July


Wild Card matches
Time Semifinals
OVER [0:2]
OVER [0:2]
OVER [0:2]


Phase two: Group stage

tournament table
# Teams G W L P
1. Natus Vincere - - - -
2. Natus Vincere US - - - -
3. EG - - - -
4. Cloud 9 - - - -
5. Russian Federation Team Empire - - - -
6. Newbee - - - -
7. Team DK - - - -
8. IG - - - -
9. LGD Gaming - - - -
10. Vici Gaming - - - -
11. International Fnatic - - - -
12. Mousesports - - - -
13. Alliance - - - -
14. Titan - - - -
15. Arrow Gaming - - - -
16. Team Liquid - - - -


Natus Vincere Team

Natus Vincere



Estonia Puppey


Germany Kuroky

Ukraine Funn1k

Daniil Ishutin

Clement Ivanov

Alexander Dashkevich

Kuro Salehi Takhasomi

Gleb Lipatnikov


Natus Vincere US


NA`vi us dota 2 team





Braxton Paulson

Steven Ashworth

JingJun Wu

Ioannis Loucas

Theeban Siva


Natus Vincere Staff


Natus vincere staff
Arthur "Goblak" Kostenko Eugene "Razzoc" Dubravin Andrew "Xeo" Yatsenko Oleg "prb" Bulavko  Moritz "Moose" Zimmermann

Team coach

Team manager

Reporter on-site

Reporter on-site



Prize fund distribution (05.07.14)


The International 2014. General information

City: Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle on USA map


Wikipedia: Seattle

Largest city in northwest USA and in Washington state, is a large naval hub. The city belongs to King county. Is located between Puget sound and Lake Washington.
Seattle is known for many achievements, such as: starting 'grunge' music style, coffee consumption culture (many American coffee houses were founded in Seattle), high number of educated population (more than 51% of residents have college education). Also, Seattle comes to mind when speaking such famous people as: Jimmy Hendrix, Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Lee, Mark Arm, Layne Staley, Cristopher Knab, Эдди Веддер, Chris Cornell, Jeremy Enigk, Gabe Newell and others.


Large companies basing in Seattle:


  • American Legend Cooperative — mink fur auction
  • — largest online retailer in the world
  • aQuantive — online marketing
  • Boeing — aerospace industry
  • Microsoft — software
  • Starbucks — coffee industry
  • Valve — developer and publisher of online games (Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Day of Defeat, Left 4 Dead, and others.)
  • Kenworth — manufacturer of trucks, buses, and dump-trucks
  • Evergreen - large logistics operator


Seattle population (2012 data): 634 535 people (22nd in USA)


Night Seattle


Tournament site: The International 2014

Fourth yearly Dota 2 tournament organized by Valve. The initial prize fund of the tournament was $1.6 million, but due to adding 25% of Compendium and its points costs, the prize fund increased to $10 million and keeps on rising. In the beginning of March 2014, Valve has announced that the tournament will be held in July, and not August like previously.


Russian casters



English Casters



Main Tournament Stage place. KeyArena. Seattle

  • Full name: KeyArena at Seattle Center
  • Capacity: about 16 000 people
  • Additional info: sports arena KeyArena was built in 1962 and has become home to not only many sports teams, but was also used as grounds for concerts, professional basketball games, hockey, boxing, wrestling, and ice shows. In 2014, Seattle Key Arena will hold the strongest teams from Dota 2 for The International 2014.




Will be added later.








Na`Vi.Dendi - The International 4 Player Profile


TI4. Caster and analytic forecast (Part One)


Videoblog by prb #1


Pre-tournament interview with Dendi


Off to The International 2014


Wild Card tournament team rosters - battling for last slot at The International 2014

Russian Federation Virtus.Pro: NS, ARS-ART, Illidan, God, Jotm

CIS Game: Black^, inflame, June, Ayo, demons

MVP Phoenix: March, QO, Forev, Reisen, Heen

Team Liquid: TC, qojqva, BuLba, DeMoN, waytosexy

The International 2014 participants

Ukraine Natus Vincere: Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Kuroky

Na`Vi.US: Brax, Korok, Fogged, Sneyking, 1437

International Fnatic: Fly, N0tail, Trixi, H4nn1, Era

China Vici Gaming: Sylar, Super, rOtk, Fenrir, fy

Evil Geniuses: Arteezy, Universe, zai, ppd, Mason

Alliance: s4, Loda, AdmiralBulldog, EGM, Akke

Mousesports: Pajkatt, Misery, FATA, MSS, paS

Cloud9: SingSing, Bone7, PPD, Aui_2000, EternalEnvy

China Invictus Gaming: Luo, Chuan, Ferrari_430, Faith, YYF

China Team DK: Mushi, Iceiceice, Burning, Lanm, X!!

China Newbee: Hao, Muo, xiao8, Banana, SanSheng

Titan: kYxY, YamateH, Ohaiyo, Net, Xtinct

Russian Federation Team Empire: Mag, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Resolut1on, Vanskor, Silent

Arrow Gaming: Lance, ddz, JoHnNy, MoZuN, xiangzai

China LGD: Rabbit, Yao, Lin, DD, DDC



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