Na`Vi.LoL facing MoscowFive in 4PL All o


4PlayersLiga is hosting yet another All or Nothing tournament tonight. Starting at 18:00 (CET),  8 invited teams from all over Europe will battle for a prize of 1,000? and winner takes all. Our League of Legends team has been invited again to participate in this tournament. image Na`Vi.LoL's first opponent is the team of image MoscowFive, so we can expect an epic game! First round of the tournament is played in a Best-of-1 format and rest of the rounds are played in a Best-of-3 format. Make sure to tune in and support image Na`Vi.LoL!


[Update] - image Na`Vi.LoL loses to image M5.



Tournament Tree











18:00 CET: image Na`Vi vs image M5
18:00 CET: image CLG vs image MYM
19:00 CET: image SK vs image AL
19:00 CET: image aAa vs image Luna
20:00 CET: Semifinal #1
21:00 CET: Semifinal #2
22:00 CET: Final
1st place: 1,000?
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