StarLadder StarSeries Season #3: Day Two



The second day of Starladder StarSeries Season #3 has started! Last night we saw both image Virtus.Pro, image Moscow 5 and image MYM eliminated from the tournament and today we will witness three matches between four teams namely image Na`Vi, image GD, image Pulse and image Empire. Should any team win both matches (winner bracket semi-final and final), tomorrow they will have a day off as Loser Bracket will be played tomorrow. As usual, we are going to provide you with the latest updates and videos from the Kiev CyberSport Arena, so stay tuned for hourly updates!


Tournament updates:

00:01 CET - And we take the victory against image GD B team with 2-1, moving on to the Grand Finals of StarLadder!

23:11 CET - Picks:


23:08 CET -
1-1 after a really well played game by GD B team, game three coming up!

22:18 CET -  Game two picks:


21:47 CET -
Game 1 is in our bags after an interesting match-up! Heroes such as Gyro, Void and Na`Vi's symbolic Pudge were seen! Game two will shortly follow after a quick break!

20:56 CET - Game vs the GD B team has started! Picks of game 1:


19:58 CET -
15 minutes to go! Players are setting up! :)

19:42 CET - GG! Takes us 29 minutes to seal the deal and we'll move on to face the GD B team (ex mouz) in the Winners Bracket final! Players will take a break and the match will follow!

19:17 CET - Game 3 picks:


18:55 CET -
What a comeback! It's all tied-up now, 1 last deciding game to follow! Stay tuned! :)

18:28 CET - Picks of game two:


18:10 CET -
As much as Alchemist is fun to play and watch, it seems like things didn't work out that well for our team and Skane took game one, second game is coming up! It's ON! :)

17:45 CET - Game 1 is live! Picks:


Added a few new videos so you can enjoy something while you wait! :)

17:11 CET -
Our match against image PULSE should finally start in a few mintues so grab your popcorn and get ready!

Winnerbracket final will be played today, after our match against PULSE, the other finalist has already been determined - image GD B team who beat image Empire 2-1 earlier today. Loser bracket final, Consolation Final and Grand Final should be played tomorrow!

13:16 CET - image Empire vs image GD B (ex mouz) will start soon, our game against PULSE is coming in about 3 hours! 

12:43 CET - The venue is still half empty as two foreign teams are setting up in the gaming area. The match starts in about 30 minutes.


Videos we've produced so far:

Offical Streams






Double Elimination, Winner Bracket Round 1:

13:00 - image GD [2:1] image Empire
16:30 - image Na`Vi [2:1] image Pulse

Double Elimination, Winner Bracket Final

             21:00 - image Na`Vi [2:1] image GD

Double Elimination, Loser Bracket Round 1

            tomorrow image Empire vs image Pulse at TBD

Double Elimination, Loser Bracket Final

            tomorrow image GD vs image Empire / image Pulse

Double Elimination, Winner Bracket Final

            tomorrow image Na`Vi vs TBD



Group A Schedule Match
Teams G W T L +/- P
image Na`Vi #1 2 2 0 0   6
image Team Empire #2 2 1 0 1   3
image 2 0 0 2   0
image Team Empire [2:0] image
image Na`Vi [2:0] image
image Na`Vi [2:0] image Empire
Group B Schedule Match
Teams G W T L +/- P
image M5.BENQ 3 0 2 1   2
image Pulse #2 3 2 0 1   6
image The GD #1 3 2 1 0   7
image MYM 3 0 1 2   1
image M5.BENQ [1:1] image MYM
image Pulse [0:2image The GD
image The GD [1:1] image M5.BENQ
image PULSE [2:0] image MYM
image M5.BENQ [0:2image PULSE
image MYM [0:2image The GD


Tournament structure:

  • Groupstage: 7 teams divided into 2 groups with the top 2 proceeding to the playoff bracket. Matches are played in bo2 format with winning team receiving 3 points per victory and 1 point if tied.
  • Playoff: Double Elimination, bo3 with bo5 in the Grand Final.

Star Series Dota 2 Prize Pool:

1st place – $6000
2nd place – $3000
3rd place – $2500
4th place – $2000
5th place – $500
6th place – $500
7th place – $500




image Na`Vi: Puppey, Lost, Dendi, XBOCT, ARS-ART
image Team Empire: Go[blin], Funn1k, blow, Scandal, Silent
image NS, Crazy, kSi, illidanSTR, Santa
image M5.BENQ: nexus, Sedoy, Solo, STALIANER, Dread
image The GD (ex mouz): Kuroky, SingSing, SexyBamboe, Alex, Black
image PULSE (ex Skane): WagamamaW, Reesion, Mini, Fishbone, Pinoy
image MYM: CalculuS, Balsam, Atze, Ryze, QuiX


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