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Hello everyone! After very stressful day for image Mousesports who beat yesterday both image Darer and image Moscow Five, the Starladder Star Series finals are coming to its logical conclusion. Tonight at approximately 19:30 CET two teams wth quite a similar agressive playstyle will face head to head for tournament's championship trophy and  that is of course our very own image Natus Vincere and the only international team in Kiev - image Mousesports. So far image Na`Vi lost only one game during the last 3 days and that match was given away to the German team. Now when the stakes are much higher we are to know should the team around Black and SingSing put up a good fight against the favorites or the homeground will help our boys to defend their Season 1 trophy. Stay with us and look for updates!


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Tournament updates:

            23:27 We are the champions of StarLadder Season #2 !! And it's second consecutive season in a row! 3-0 against Mouz, in a totally dominating fashion! GG! <3

            22:59 Game 3 picks/bans:


             22:27 - image Na`Vi are now 2:0 after a relatively fast game. (We have a 1:0 Winner Bracket advantage) One game away from grabbing the gold! :)


21:35 - Game is on! We'll update shortly with the picks! :)

10:40 - Hello everyone! Today we start our last report on StarLadder Season 2 Finals! There are a lot of people now in CyberArena because other games' finals have already started. Yet, today we will see the MOST interesting day ever as the DOTA 2 Grand Final will give us a match of two giants of image Na`Vi vs image Mousesports. The match starts at 19-00 CET so GET YOURSELF READY!




Grand Final (bo5):


Today/20-00 - image Na`Vi vs image Mousesports


Play-off, Winner Bracket Final (bo3):


OVER  - image Na`Vi [2:0] image M5


Play-off, Losers Bracket Final (bo3):


OVER  -  image M5 [1:2] image Mousesports


Play-off, Loser Bracket Round 1 (bo3):


OVER  - image Mousesports [2:1] image Darer




OVER - image Na'Vi [2:1] image Mousesports
OVER - image Darer [1:2] image M5


Group stage:

  Time Match
Group G W D L +/- P
image Na'Vi #1 4 4 0 0   12
image Darer #2 4 3 0 1   9
image M5 #3 4 1 0 3   3
image Mousesports  #4 4 1 0 3   3
image Empire 4 1 0 3   3
  image Empire [0:1] image Darer
  image Mousesports [1:0] image M5 
  image Mousesports [0:1] image Na'Vi 
  image Empire [0:1] image M5
  image Na'Vi [1:0] image M5 
  image Mousesports [0:1] image Darer
  image Na'Vi [1:0] image Darer
  image Empire [1:0] image Mousesports 
  image Darer [1:0] image M5 
  image Na'Vi [1:0] image Empire


Prize pool of the DOTA 2 Star Series:



1 place – $6000
2 place – $3000
3 place – image M5 $2500 
4 place – image Darer $2000
5 place – image Empire $500




image Na'Vi: Puppey, LightOfHeaven, Dendi, XBOCT, ARS-ART
image Darer: Artstyle, GOD, Go[blin], Mag~, Funn1k
image Empire: Scandal, blow, James, Fly, Jackal
image Mousesports: 1437, Black^, SingSing, SexyBamboe, CWM
image M5: PGG, Bloodangel, Silent, Admir, vigoss


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