StarLadder Season 2 Finals - Day Three C


It's time for day three of the StarLadder Season 2 Finals! You'll be able to feast your eyes with some of the final matches of the tournament. image Na`Vi have already secured at least  top-two spot and are patiently waiting for their opponents in the Grand Final. image Moscow Five were the ones sent down to the Loser Bracket's finals and they will meet the winner of the match-up between image Darer and image Mousesports.



Day One coverage + videos from the event
Day Two coverage + videos from the event
Photogallery (updating)


Stream by PurgeGamers:



Stream by Tobi Wan:


Tournament updates:


02:38 image Mousesports edge out image Moscow Five in a really close and tight game after an amazing comeback! They will faceimage  Na`Vi in the Grand Finals! We're done for today so be sure to check out our Day 4 coverage tomorrow! Have a good night! :)

01:45 It's on! Bans / picks of the last game of tonight:



While waiting for the third and final game to start, enjoy these highlights from yesterday:


01:13 Seems like image Mouz loves to keep their fans at their toes! It's all tied 1-1 and looks like we'll have another epic series after the dramatic 80 minute game with image Darer. One final game, the second spot in the Grand Finals is at stake, who will take it?


00:02 Bans/picks for the 2nd game:


23:26 A one sided show by  image Moscow Five, can image Mouz step it up after the 1:0 lead for the Russians?

22:48 And here they are!




22:36 Picks are starting finally! We will post a screenshot after both teams finish with the picking phase.

22:30 The Loser Bracket Final between image Mousesports and image Moscow Five is about to start soon! Tobi Wan will probably be casting the joinDOTA Open finals, so we'll watch Purge. We've embedded his stream above! The winner of the best-of-three will face image Na`Vi in the Grand Final of StarLadder's Season 2! We'll keep you updated!

18:38 - image Mousesports knocks image Darer out of the tournament after a thrilling 76+ min match. We got an interview with Black right after which is currently being uploaded to YouTube. Meanwhile image mouz will prepare for the Loser Bracket's Final versus image Moscow 5 that will occur on the main stage of Kiev CyberSport Arena at approximately 20:30 CET


13:43 - Game two picks and bans:



13:30 - image Darer take the first game in a deciding fashion! While waiting for game two to start, have a look at the new videos we've uploaded on our youtube channel.



12:49 - Picks:



12:41 image Mousesports vs image Darer is starting up soon!

Play-off, Loser Bracket Final (bo3):


20:30 CET  - image Moscow Five  vs image Mousesports

Play-off, Loser Bracket Round 1 (bo3):


image Mousesports [2:1] image Darer


Play-off, Winner Bracket Final (bo3):


 image Na`Vi [2:0] image M5


Play-off, Winner Bracket Semifinals (bo3):


image Na`Vi [2:1] image Mousesports
image Darer [1:2image Moscow 5


Prize pool of the DOTA 2 Star Series:


1 place – $6000

2 place – $3000

3 place – $2500 

4 place – image Darer - $2000

5 place – image Empire - $500




image Na'Vi: Puppey, LightOfHeaven, Dendi, XBOCT, ARS-ART
image Darer: Artstyle, GOD, Go[blin], Mag~, Funn1k
image Empire: Scandal, blow, James, Fly, Jackal
image Mousesports: 1437, Black^, SingSing, SexyBamboe, CWM
image M5: PGG, Bloodangel, Silent, Admir, vigoss


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