GameGune 2012 Coverage: Day One



The image GameGune 2012 (Bilbao, Spain) Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament with 22 500€ prize pool is now starting and today we will see the first groupstage matches of all 24 participants including image Natus Vincere. While this time our boys arrived to Bilbao, Spain without our coverage writer, this does not mean we will not have some exclusive content to provide.

Despite last years' edition, GameGune 2012 tournament format has changed. Now 24 competing teams will be divided into 6 groups per 4 teams each. The groupstage will be played as Double Elimination with bo1 format. Play-off will be played in bo3 format with each round random draw. You can see the groupstage seedings in the expanded newsfeed.


Useful links:

The official Facebook page of Na`Vi
The official YouTube page of Na`Vi (updating hourly)


Stream by GreatFrag


Tournament updates:


23:15 - Group A and B matches are over, we are looking forward to C and D games now. Due to the delays, groups E and F will be played tomorrow.


20:59 - image Na`Vi won their first round match and will now face image x6tence for top1-2 in the group.


17:46 - Hardware and software problems are causing tournament delay. According to ceh9, the team still cannot start their match because of problems with starix's steam.

15:30 - The first matches of image fnatic vs image WebOne, image k1ck vs image DELTA, image x6tence vs image Karont3 and image Miticos vs image Na`Vi are now live!


14:50 - Unfortunately we can see some last minute's dropouts: image Storm and image VivaMorocco could not attend the event and were replaced by local Spanish teams.


Video content from the event:




Tournament schedule (СЕТ):


26th of July, Groupstage:

15:00 Group A+B Round 1

15:45 Group A+B Round 2

16:30 Group A+B Round 3

18:00 Group C+D Round 1

18:45 Group C+D Round 2

19:30 Group C+D Round 3

22:00 Group E+F Round 1

22:45 Group E+F Round 2

23:30 Group E+F Round 3     


27th of July, play-off:

11:00 Upper-bracket Round 1

14:00 Upper-bracket Round 2

17:30 Lower-bracket Round 1

20:00 Upper-bracket Semi-finals

20:00 Lower-bracket Round 2


28th of July, Finals:

11:00 Upper-bracket Final

11:00 Lower-bracket Round 3

14:30 Lower-bracket Final

17:00 Consolidation-final  

20:00 Grand final




Group А

Schedule (CET) Match
Group G W T L +/- P
image fnatic #1  2  2        6
image k1ck #2 3  1    2    3
image DELTA   3  2    1    6
image WebOne  2      2    0

image fnatic [16:02] image WebOne
image k1ck [10:16image DELTA
image fnatic [16:08] image DELTA
image k1ck [16:02] image WebOne
image k1ck [08:16image DELTA


Group В Schedule (CET) Match
Group G W T L +/- P
image Na`Vi #1  2  2        6
image x6tence  3  1    2    3
image miticos  2      2    0
image Karont3 #2  3  2    1    6

image x6tence [16:08] image Karont3
image miticos [0:16image Na`Vi
image x6tence [12:16image Na`Vi
image miticos [0:16image Karont3
image x6tence [10:16image Karont3


1 - According to, team image VivaMorocco could not attend the event due to visa issues and were replaced by a local team.


Group C Schedule (CET) Match
Группа И В Н П +/- О
image ESC-Gaming #1 2 2       6
image zNation #2 3 2   1   6
image PaiN 3 1   2   3
image OverProject 2     2    
image  ESC-Gaming [16:00] image OverProject
image PaiN [16:10] image zNation
image zNation [16:00] image OverProject
image PaiN [11:16image  ESC-Gaming
image PaiN [14:16image zNation


Group D Schedule (CET) Match
Group G W T L +/- P
image #1 2 2       6
image ENTiTY #2 3 2   1   6
image Giants 3 1   2    
image BTK 2     2    
image [16:02] image BTK
image Giants [16:13] image ENTiTY
image BTK [06:16image ENTiTY
image [16:12] image Giants
image Giants [13:16image ENTiTY


Group E Schedule (CET) Match
Group G W T L +/- P
image K232            
image tp.uSports3            
image GiantKilling4            
image iGamers            

image iGamers vs image tp.uSports
image K23 vs image Storm


2 - According to our information, one of Kazakh players had visa issues and the team will be probably competing with a standin.
3 - There are four players of M5 in the lineup (all but hacker) + OverDrive.
4GiantKilling will replace Storm who did not show up.


Group F Schedule (CET) Match
Group G W T L +/- P
image KerchNET            
image Jas            
image BZ            
image mmm            

image BZ vs image Jas
image mmm vs image KerchNET




image Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, markeloff, starix, ceh9
image KerchNET: B1ad3, craft1k, z1, krutoi, bondik
image evil, hooch, kucher, LeX, xaoc
image zNation: Aerodynamic, hondroz, liTTle, redman, wAke
image tp.uSports: Dosia, Fox, Edik, Romjke, Overdrive
image K23: AdreN, Beast, Nickel, Keen, Dastan
image Storm: episode, CEKKA, Archiello, jtx, thomas
image ESC Gaming: TaZ, Neo, Kuben, Loord, pasha
image DELTA: BEn, dOK, drive, sonamed, ths
image fnatic: Xizt, trace, Friis, MODDII, Karrigan
image k1ck: axoN, coachi, fox, mUt, rmn
image x6tence: arki, FlipiN, Kairi, oFF, xikii
image Overproject: KEYGEN, zewelle, SVA, xinfekk, Xisco
image ENTiTY: kalaN, helius, N1GHTMARE, Osama, NENO
image BTK: breaker, FORGETME, NESTA, PaNj4rd, st1cker
image Jaz: atLaNtis, natsu, NOtA, Ozstrik3r, SIXER
image Bz: drizzer, ioRek, CosMo, HaRts, kioshima
image Karont3: chrisJ, fai, LEGIJA, tabseN, sukitRon


Prize pool:


1st place - 12 000€

2nd place - 6000€

3rd place - 3000€

4th place - 1500€

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