Playoff at TECHLABS Cup RU 2012 starts t


Four-day groupstage of TECHLABS CUP RU 2012 has come to an end and today our team image Natus Vincere will face image Moscow 5 in the first playoff round (bo3). As you may know, we won the Group A while Russian team fell short to imageKerchNET, the ultimate winner of the group D. The match will start at 18:00 CET and will be streamed via HLTV / partner streams.


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Playoff, quarterfinals (bo3):

image Moscow 5 [17:19] [09:16image Natus Vincere @ inferno, tuscan

image fnatic [16:14] [16:12] image WinFakt @ nuke, tuscan

February, 16th, 18:00 CET- image Vifort vs image SK Gaming

February, 16th, 20:30 CETimage ESC Gaming vs. image KerchNET


imageKerchNet - Bondik , B1ad3 , z1 , Krutoi , Shara
imageM5 - Dosia, Fox, ED1k, ROMJKE, xek
imageWinfakt - Lurppis,BaSiC,H^N,Allu,Aslak
imageSK - f0rest,RobbaN,trace,GeT_RiGhT,face
imageESC - Pasha , kuben, TaZ, Neo, Loord
imagefnatic - cArn , MODDII , GuX , Xizt , Friis
imageNatus Vincere: markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
imageVifort: MNR, delm1k, seized, kibaken, watti


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