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UPDATE #1 by Xeo - Wednesday, 31 of July, 15:20 local time


What’s up, people! As a part of Na`Vi delegation, I arrived in Seattle, so it’s time to write a blog. I’ll start with the most important event in the world of DotA2 – The International. I happened to take a separate flight from the rest of the team and my mate prb but got to the U.S. before they did. Anyway, you might have read about it already here. I received this news after arriving in Amsterdam myself. In fact, the same situation was about to happen with me, too: no one gave me the boarding pass to Seattle in Kiev for some reason. The pre-registration on the website of DELTA Airlines didn’t work, neither did the self-check-ins at the airport.


When I teamed up with the rest of the crew and got to the transfer desk I noticed Silent who wasn’t able to check-in for the flight either. Few minutes later we were made aware of the overbooking for our flight. 2 out of 5 people from our group including Silent didn’t have the tickets. Factoring in 10 people who couldn’t take the previous flight the situation became quite difficult. Fortunately, I managed to convince the girl from transfer desk staff that our trip was of a very significant importance, so she registered us as a traveling group and sent us to the gate to wait for a miracle.


There wasn’t any miracle at the gate, of course, except for the interview and security check which is standard for the U.S. flights. 10 minutes before the boarding was over, a girl from the airlines company approached us and handed the ticket to Inna (Russian staff communications representative). I asked her about Silent but she waved her hand like she was bored:


- There are no seats right now, I can't help you.
- Excuse me, ma'am, but we're travelling as a group...
- I cannot help you at this time, I am really sorry, - she didn't let me finish.
- ... and we're a part of the Ukrainian national team heading to the international tournament, actually.


After the last sentence DELTA Airlines staff girl suddenly became “able to help”, and in less than 10 minutes Silent UNEXPETEDLY got his boarding pass and his seat in the aircraft. No doubt, it was a miracle! There’s no need to describe the actual flight though. Anyone who traveled between the continents by plane knows what 10 hour flight means. We arrived at 16:20 local time. By 18:00 we were already at the hotel where we met the cheerful crew of Funn1k, Goblak, and KuroKy. After a light dinner we went to have some rest.


Dendi explains the AmsterDAMN situation


Today everyone except for VP, iG, DK, Na`Vi, Alliance, and mousesports will have a so-called Media Day: VALVe will be taking photos, making video-presentations of the teams and recording interviews. Also, as I’m an invited volunteer for VALVe at this event, I “helped” them to make an interview with Arthur “Goblak” and will soon head to the airport to meet the rest of the crew and record some footage for the future production. For what I’ve already seen here, The International 2013 broadcasting will be something out-of-this-world. Can’t wait for the first matches to start. By the way, it will be Quantic vs Rattlesnake to open the tournament.


A couple more words about our latecomers. They weren’t able to take yesterday’s flight, so the airlines company compensated everyone with 600 EUR and booked some rooms in the hotel while upgrading the flight to business class. I’ve already considered the fact that probably I shouldn’t have insisted on the urgency of boarding then after all, ha-ha.


I’ll have to leave you with this but it’s not a “good-bye” as Oleg “prb” will be joining me very soon which means a lot of fresh photos and videos from the tournament. Stay tuned!

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