The International 3: Day 3 Coverage

The third and the final day of the group stage at The International is going to be underway very soon. Some teams will break through to compete in the upper bracket of the play-off while others won’t feel the difference as their current standing will not change when the playing day is over. As for Natus Vincere, the last match is going to have a significant meaning for the team.


According to the rules of The International, the best team in the group is allowed to choose its opponent from those who placed 2nd through 4th. For this to happen Na`Vi will have to beat LGD in the first round or at least tie the score in this match. Even if Na`Vi lose, they still will have a chance to place first in case if Dignitas take one map off fnatic while Mouz do the same to DK. By the same token, if fnatic and DK finish with the 2-0 scores in their games AND Natus Vincere lose against LGD, then the three teams (DK, fnatic, Na`Vi) will finish the group stage with exactly the same statistics: 10 wins and 4 losses. It means that the additional games will be needed to determine the winner. Let’s hope that Natus Vincere will use this chance to gain the biggest winning edge possible before the play-off begins.


In this news you’ll find the results of the previous matches, the schedule for the upcoming games, and the VODs for all the battles with Natus Vincere from yesterday’s evening and from tonight. The VODs from the first day of play are linked next to the score of a match.


Natus Vincere games from Day 2:









# Team M W T L P
1 image Natus Vincere 12 10 0 2 10
2 image Fnatic 12 8 0 4 8
3 image DK 12 8 0 4 8
4 image Team Dignitas 12 7 0 5 7
5 image LGD 12 7 0 5 7
6 image Zenith 12 4 0 8 4
7 image Mouz 12 4 0 8 4
8 image MUFC 12 0 0 12 0


# Team M W T L P
1 image The Alliance 12 12 0 0 12
2 image Orange 12 8 0 4 8
3 image Team Liquid 12 7 0 5 7
4 image TongFu 12 6 0 6 6
5 image IG 12 6 0 6 6
6 image LGD. Int 12 4 0 8 4
7 image RattleSnake 12 3 0 9 3
8 image Virtus.Pro 12 2 0 10 2


Group stage schedule for Day 3:

05.08 18:00 CET

image Team Dignitas [x:x] image Fnaticё
image DK [x:x] image Mouz
image MUFC [x:x] image Zenith
image LGD [x:x] image Natus Vincere


20:00 CET

image TongFu [x:x] image RattleSnake
image Orange [x:x] image The Alliance
image Virtus.Pro [x:x] image LGD. Int 
image Team Liquid [x:x] image IG


Previous matches:

image Natus Vincere [0:2] image Fnatic
image Natus Vincere [2:0] image Zenith
image Natus Vincere [2:0]  image Mouz
image Natus Vincere [2:0] image MUFC
image Natus Vincere [2:0] image DK
image Natus Vincere [2:0] image Dignitas
image Team Dignitas [2:0] image Mouz
image Team Dignitas [0:2]  image DK
image MUFC [0:2] image LGD
image Mouz [1:1]  image Zenith
image TongFu [2:0]  image Orange
image Virtus.Pro [1:1] image Team Liquid
image DK [1:1] image Zenith
image Fnatic [1:1] image LGD
image TongFu [0:2] image The A
image Orange [2:0] image LGD. Int 
image Virtus.Pro [0:2] image IG 
image Liquid [1:1] image RS
image Dignitas [1:1] image Zenith
image Team Dignitas [2:0] image MUFC
image DK [1:1]  image LGD 
image Zenith [1:1] image Fnatic
image TongFu [2:0] image Virtus.Pro
image Orange [1:1] image Team Liquid
image LGD [1:1] image Mouz
image TongFu [0:2] image LGD.Int
image Orange [1:1] image IG
image Virtus.Pro [1:1] image RS
image Team Liquid [0:2] image The A
image DK [2:0] image Fnatic
image Team Dignitas [2:0] image LGD
image DK [2:0] image MUFC 
image Mouz [0:2] image Fnatic
image TongFu [0:2] image Team Liquid
image Orange [2:0] image Virtus.Pro
image The Alliance [2:0]  image RS 
image LGD. Int [1:1] image IG
image MUFC [0:2] image Mouz
image LGD [2:0] image Zenith
image TongFu [2:0] image IG
image Orange [2:0] image RS
image Virtus.Pro [0:2] image The A
image Team Liquid [2:0] image LGD. Int 
image Quantic [1:3]  image RS
image IG [2:0]  image RS 
image LGD. Int [1:1] image RS 
image Fnatic [2:0] image MUFC
image The Alliance [2:0] image LGD.Int 
image The Alliance [2:0] image IG




The International 2013 playlist









Duel tourney:

 image Na`Vi.Dendi [2]      


 image Na`Vi.Dendi [0]    
 image Mouz.Fata [1]      


 image Orange.Mushi  
 image Orange.Mushi [2]      
imageimageimage  image Orange.Mushi [2]    
 image LGD.Xiao8 [1]      


 image A.S4 [1]      


 image Zenith.iceiceice    
 image Zenith.iceiceice [2]      



 image TongFu.Mu [1]



 image IG.Ferrari [1]



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Tournament schedule (CET):

05.08 18:00 Last round of group stage (+additional games if necessary)
07.08 21:00 Play-off
08.08 06:00 AllStars match
08.08 21:00 Play-off
09.08 06:00 Duel tourney final
09.08 21:00 Play-off
10.08 21:00 Play-off
11.08 21:00 Play-off and Grand Final

Prize money pool (as of August the 5th; grows bigger continuously):

  1. $1,409,509
  2. $620,184
  3. $281,902
  4. $197,331
  5. $112,761
  6. $112,761
  7. $42,285
  8. $42,285


Team rosters:

image Natus Vincere: Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Kuroky, Funn1k
image The Alliance: s4, EGM, Akke, Loda, AdmiralBulldog
image Orange e-Sports: Mushi, XtincT, Kyxy, Net, Ohaiyo
image Invictus Gaming: Zhou ©, Ferrari 430, YYF, Chuan, Faith
image TongFu: Hao, Mu, KingJ, banana, SanSheng
image Fnatic: Fly, Era, n0tail, h4nn1, Trixi
image Zenith: Yamateh, xy-, xFreedom, Ice, iceiceice
image Pajkatt, MiSeRy, God, 1437, Brax
image Team Liquid: FLUFFNSTUFF, Korok, Bulba, ixmike88, TC
image NS, Crazy-, Smile, illidanSTR, kSi
image Team Dignitas: Fogged, Aui_2000, Waytosexy, Universe, Sneyking
image DK: Burning©, Super, rotk, 357, Dai
image MUFC: Winter, fzfz, TooFuckingGood, Ling, HonTrashPlayer, Sharky
image Mouz: FATA-, Black^, qojqva, paS-, syndereN
image LGD: xiao8 ©, Sylar, Yao,  DDC, DD
image Quantic Gaming: Goblak, Silent, 7ckngMad, Sockshka, Funzii
image RattleSnake: Luo, Kabu, Lanm, icy, Sag


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