The International 2013 Coverage: Day 4

The group stage of The International 2013 is over. The upper and the lower brackets of the play-off were formed. The main event of the DotA2 world is heading into its final phase. During the next five days the best teams in the world will compete for the right to own Aegis as well as a substantial sum of money that comes with it. It's worth mentioning that on their only "day off" Natus Vincere will be practicing against Zenith and


In this news you're gonna find all the necessary information about the upcoming matches as well as the exclusive content brought to you by our reporters on-site.



Play-off upper bracket:

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Winners final   Grand Final   Champion  
 image Na`Vi                  
[2:1] image Na`Vi              
 image Orange              

 image TongFu            
[2:0] image TongFu        
 image Fnatic            

 image The Alliance            
8.8 21:00 CET        
 image DK          
9.8 00:00 CET            
 image IG                


Play-off lower bracket:

1/16   1/8   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Pre-final   Final   Finalist
 image Dignitas                        
[1:0] image Dignitas                    
 image RS [0:1] image Orange                
    image Orange                
[1:0] image                
 image Mouz [0:1] image Fnatic          
    image Fnatic              
 image Liquid                      
9.8 03:00 CET                  
 image MUFC              
 image Zenith                  
9.8 04:00 CET                    



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The International 2013 Playlist










Duel tourney:

 image Na`Vi.Dendi [2]      


 image Na`Vi.Dendi [0]    
 image Mouz.Fata [1]      


 image Orange.Mushi  
 image Orange.Mushi [2]      
imageimageimage  image Orange.Mushi [2]    
 image LGD.Xiao8 [1]      


 image A.S4 [1]      


 image Zenith.iceiceice [2]    
 image Zenith.iceiceice [2]      


 image Zenith.iceiceice  

 image TongFu.Mu [1]



 image IG.Ferrari [0]    
 image IG.Ferrari [2]


Tournament schedule (CET):

07.08 21:00 Play-off
08.08 06:00 AllStars match
08.08 21:00 Play-off
09.08 06:00 Duel tourney final
09.08 21:00 Play-off
10.08 21:00 Play-off
11.08 21:00 Play-off and Grand Final

Prize money pool (as of August the 6th; grows bigger continuously):

  1. $1,416,394
  2. $623,213
  3. $283,279
  4. $198,295
  5. $113,311
  6. $113,311
  7. $42,492
  8. $42,492


Team rosters:

image Natus Vincere: Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Kuroky, Funn1k
image The Alliance: s4, EGM, Akke, Loda, AdmiralBulldog
image Orange e-Sports: Mushi, XtincT, Kyxy, Net, Ohaiyo
image Invictus Gaming: Zhou ©, Ferrari 430, YYF, Chuan, Faith
image TongFu: Hao, Mu, KingJ, banana, SanSheng
image Fnatic: Fly, Era, n0tail, h4nn1, Trixi
image Zenith: Yamateh, xy-, xFreedom, Ice, iceiceice
image Pajkatt, MiSeRy, God, 1437, Brax
image Team Liquid: FLUFFNSTUFF, Korok, Bulba, ixmike88, TC
image NS, Crazy-, Smile, illidanSTR, kSi
image Team Dignitas: Fogged, Aui_2000, Waytosexy, Universe, Sneyking
image DK: Burning©, Super, rotk, 357, Dai
image MUFC: Winter, fzfz, TooFuckingGood, Ling, HonTrashPlayer, Sharky
image Mouz: FATA-, Black^, qojqva, paS-, syndereN
image LGD: xiao8 ©, Sylar, Yao,  DDC, DD
image Quantic Gaming: Goblak, Silent, 7ckngMad, Sockshka, Funzii
image RattleSnake: Luo, Kabu, Lanm, icy, Sag


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