GameGune 2012 Coverage: Day Three



The final day thee of image GameGune 2012 has now started and it is when we will know the name of the ultimate tournament champion. Last night image Natus Vincere came though the first play-off bracked and 2-0'ed image zNation and today they will face their first serious contender in the name of image ESC Gaming. Later on we will see few rounds of Loser Bracket matches that will eventually end off with a Winner Bracket and The Grand Final where, we hope, to see our team competing.

Tune in to our Day Three coverage and support  Na`Vi!



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Tournament updates:


02:16 - Unfortunately 12 hours of constant play was too much even for image Na`Vi and steady play of image fnatic gave them GameGune 2012 championship title. Natus Vincere takes silver which can be considered as a decent result given their 3rd place at Game Gune 2011.


21:39 - And this is THE REVENGE as our guys beat their all-time rivals 16 to 7 on de_dust2. The grand final will be played versus new image fnatic's Danish lineup in bo5 format. As image fnatic is coming from Winner Bracket, that means they are receiving 1:0 default score and need to win 2 maps while image Na`Vi has to take 3 maps to become GameGune 2012 champions. Match starts at 22:00 CET.


20:43 - This is another 1:1 tie and just like few hours before, everything will be decided on de_dust2. Do you want image Na`Vi to proceed to the grand final of GameGune 2012? Please support the team in the comments!


18:25 - Our forecast worked out and now image Na`Vi will try to seek a sweet revenge on image ESC Gaming, match starting in just 15 minutes or so!


17:47 - image Natus Vincere just won the first match and shoud they win 2nd, they will face image ESC Gaming once again after the latter losing 1 to 2 to image fnatic.


16:04 - In the Ukrainian derby our team was more skilled than image KerchNET and will now face image DELTA in the Loser Bracket's Final. This match will commence in about 30 minutes or so. 


13:50 - In the very last round Neo wins a clutch round versus Zeus and that means Natus Vincere are off to the Loser Bracket. At the same time image fnatic takes their third match and we will see image ESC Gaming vs fnatic in the Winner Bracket Final.


13:17 - 6 teams remains in the tournament as image zNation and image Karont3 lose their loserbracket matches. Meanwhile image Na`Vi is tied 1:1 with Poles and it's now 8 to 7 for Ukrainian team on de_dust2.


11:44 - The first map is ours and now we are going to watch de_train fight.


11:21 -  The first half of de_tuscan ended with a convincing 13 to 2 victory for T-side image Na`Vi. The match continues.



Double Elimination, The Grand Final:


image fnatic [3:1] image Na`Vi (bo5 with fnatic getting 1:0 as coming from Winner's Bracket)

Map1: 16:07 @ dust2
Map2: 14:16 @ mirage
Map3: 16:08 @ train


Double Elimination, Winner Bracket, Round 4 (upper final):


image fnatic [2:1] image ESC Gaming
Map1: 14:16 @ nuke
Map216:08 @ train
Map316:07 @ dust2


Double Elimination, Winner Bracket, Round 3 (semifinals):


image fnatic [2:1] image
Map1: 07:16 @ dust2
Map2: 16:07 @ train
Map316:12 @ nuke

image ESC Gaming [2:1] image Na`Vi
Map1: 08:16 @ tuscan
Map2: 16:05 @ train
Map316:14 @ dust2


Double Elimination,  Loser Bracket, Round 5 (Consolation Final):


image ESC Gaming [1:2image Na`Vi
Map1: 16:04 @ train
Map2: 11:16 @ tuscan
Map2: 07:16 @ dust2


Double Elimination,  Loser Bracket, Round 4 (lower final):


image DELTA [0:2] image Na`Vi
Map1: 10:16 @ train
Map2: 04:16 @ inferno


Double Elimination,  Loser Bracket, Round 3:


image KerchNET [0:2image Na`Vi
Map1: 13:16 @ inferno
Map2: 10:16 @ tunscan

image DELTA [2:0] image Virtus.Pro
Map116:08 @ dust2
Map216:14 @ inferno


Double Elimination,  Loser Bracket, Round 2:


image KerchNET vs image Karont3
Map1: 16:06 @ forge
Map2: 16:13 @ train

image DELTA vs image zNation
Map1: 16:10 @ train
Map2: 16:07 @ nuke


Double Elimination, Loser Bracket, Round 1:


image k23 [0:2image Karont3
Map1: 16:19 @ inferno
Map2: 13:16 @ tuscan

image KerchNET [2:1] image tp.uSports
Map1: 14:16 @ inferno
Map216:13 @ nuke
Map316:12 @ train

image DELTA [2:1] image Bz 
Map1: 12:16 @ train
Map216:04 @ inferno
Map316:08 @ nuke


image zNation [2:1] image ENTiTY
Map119:16 @ train
Map2: 03:16 @ inferno
Map316:09 @ nuke


Double Elimination, Winner Bracket, Round 2:


image fnatic [2:0] image k23
Map116:00 @ train
Map216:10 @ dust2

image tp.uSports [1:2image
Map1: 14:16 @ inferno
Map216:12 @ nuke
Map3: 06:16 @ tuscan

image ESC-Gaming [2:0] image DELTA
Map116:12 @ nuke
Map216:05 @ tuscan

image Na`Vi [2:0] image zNation
Map116:09 @ train
Map216:03 @ dust2


Double Elimination, Winner Bracket, Round 1:


image ENTiTY [0:2image k23 
: 10:16 @ nuke
Map2: 10:16 @ dust2
image tp.uSports [2:0] image Bz 
Map116:03 @ nuke
Map216:11 @ inferno


image KerchNET [0:2image DELTA
Map1: 18:22 @ inferno
Map2: 10:16 @ train


image Karont3 [0:2image zNation
Map1: 08:16 @ interno
Map2: 14:16 @ train

Tournament highlights:









Useful links:


The official Facebook page of Na`Vi
The official YouTube page of Na`Vi (updating hourly)
DAY One Coverage
DAY Two Coverage



Tournament schedule (СЕТ):


28th of July, Finals:

11:00 Upper-bracket Final

11:00 Lower-bracket Round 3

14:30 Lower-bracket Final

17:00 Consolidation-final  

20:00 Grand final




image Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, markeloff, starix, ceh9
image KerchNET: B1ad3, craft1k, z1, krutoi, bondik
image evil, hooch, kucher, LeX, xaoc
image zNation: Aerodynamic, hondroz, liTTle, redman, wAke
image ESC Gaming: TaZ, Neo, Kuben, Loord, pasha
image DELTA: BEn, dOK, drive, sonamed, ths
image fnatic: Xizt, trace, Friis, MODDII, Karrigan
image Karont3: chrisJ, fai, LEGIJA, tabseN, sukitRon


Prize pool:


1st place - image fnatic - 12 000€

2nd place - image Natus Vincere - 6000€

3rd place - image ESC Gaming - 3000€

4th place - image DELTA - 1500€



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