Beyond the Summit reshuffles


The International is usually followed with the reshuffles of not only the teams, but also the casters studios. Yesterday Beyond The Summit parted with one of its employees - United States Andrew “Zyori” Campbell. Zyori will be replaced with 2 new casters. Who are they? Read in the news!


After 6 months of cooperation United States Zyori and BTS studio decided to part, though they remain on good terms. Andrew said that they might collaborate on some projects in the future. However, he emphasized that he wished to work on his own ideas in Dota 2 worked. What did he mean? We'll find out soon.


Meanwhile, BTS welcomes 2 new members of its team. United States Dakota “KotLGuy” Cox, who has been long collaborated with the studio, moves from New York to California to become a full-time employee at BTS. Furthermore they will engage their long-term friend and professional player Malaysia Chan “WinteR” Litt-Binn as a remote analyst and caster of the studio. Beyond The Summit is looking forward to fruitful cooperation with the new members.


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