Results of Acer Predator Masters


Another phenomenal tournament ended! We saw a lot of sensations and disappointments. Let's sum up and determine what we will remember about this tournament.


Acer Predator Masters was held in Krefeld, Germany, where the top eight teams from the online part of the league were duking it out for the prize money $20,000 from July 30th until August 2nd 2015. The selection of teams was promising: DenmarkTeam Dignitas, BulgariaE-frag, UkraineHellRaisers, GermanyKILLERFISH eSport, Germanymousesports, GermanyPENTA Sports, DenmarkSK Gaming and DenmarkTeam Solomid.


1. Questionable performance by Team Solomid


Maybe everyone got the impression the Danes came to this tournament just to train before ESL Cologne 2015 and had no ambition. This disappointing performance can't be explained in another way. After losing to the Bulgarian team E-frag in the winner bracket, the team fell into the loser bracket where they had lost to the soon to be winners of the tournament HellRaisers. One can only wish them luck, hope they get back on their feet.


2. German teams underperformed and didn't confirm why they earned the invites


The percentage of German teams in the tournament was very high and it is not surprising because the tournament was held in Germany. KILLERFISH eSport were not the favorites of Acer Predator Masters but fans expected more from PENTA Sports and mousesports. However, the latter reached the grand final, where they lost to HellRaisers in a dramatic duel. But PENTA Sports lost to mousesports before in the winner bracket, then beat KILLERFISH eSport in the loser bracket, and lost to Team Dignitas the next round. Well, they should show much better games at home tournaments!


3. HellRaisers


A lot of people will say that the Ukrainian team was lucky and they didn`t deserve to win this tournament but they did! Their desire and team spirit were two of the reasons why "the devils" should win this tournament.  Remember their victory over Team Solomid, Team Dignitas and E-frag! Don't forget about the grand final either. As mousesports made an incredible comeback on Overpass no one believed in HellRaisers. People would say that it is not possible to continue playing at the proper lever after such a shock. But the team won all three remaining maps and therefore won the tournament. Bravo, HellRaisers!

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