QuakeCon 2015 Results


While we were watching the finals of CEVO Professional Season 7, held in Columbus, the largest Quake Live tournament - QuakeCon 2015 - was held in the other American city of Dallas on 23-26 July. The best quake players of the world were fighting over the prize pool of $ 40 000 there.


Quake LAN tournaments are seldom held nowadays. Their quantity is unlikely to increase in future. This makes QuakeCon priceless to the true fans of the legendary title. They can forget for a while about the difficulties of their favorite game and simply enjoy the matches and the outstanding skill of pro players.



The 20th anniversary tournament QuakeCon was held in "triathlon" format this year. The teams, which participated in the tournament, fought in 3 disciplines: Team DeathmatchCapture the Flag и Duel. The prize pool of each discipline was $ 8 000. The team which performed best in all 3 disciplines was awarded $ 8 000 as well. After triathlon the 2 best representatives of duel divisions fought over $ 8 000 in the final bo5 match. All the games at QuakeCon 2015 were held under the Swiss system. The following teams participated in the tournament:


  • United States Breaking the curse: DaHanG, id_, whaz, kgb.
  • Russian Federation Deliberate murder: coolleR, Latrommi, Pavel, 421.
  • International Meltdown:  l1nkin, winz, Tox, zyrinx.
  • United States found Em!: rapha, ZeRo4, cl0ck, psygib.
  • International Infernal Gamerz: Cypher, strenx, Silencep, clawz.
  • Argentina Severed Legion: Doomsd4y, c0d47, ejtx, Crazy.
  • International Averagers:  noctis, fazz, Spart1e, dem0n.
  • United States HYPE TRAIN:  Br1ck, Fear, Avenged, Effortless.
  • Chile Ghost Squad:  Fack1u, Mesita, Vodkax, Koraza.
  • United States Dont let Zorak Pick: ZorakWar, Pthy, Vibration, miles.
  • International 1.800.READYUP: flair, Gotenks, MzHeroine, evil.
  • International RESPECT THE PACO: chance, t1g, Madrigal, eXodus.
  • United States Bro Science: t41tg, Gnomad, Twitch, Vig1lante.


European team International Meltdown leaded by the Swedish legend of Quake Sweden Johan «Toxjq» Quick won the title of the strongest team of the tournament. The team won both Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.



The Duel battle, held on Sunday, was most spectacular and epic. United States Shane «Rapha» Hendrixson entered the history for having won the fourth championship in this discipline.


Due to the Swiss format of conduction United States Rapha could avoid playing against traditional rivals Russian Federation Anton «Cooller» Singov and Belarus Alexey «Cypher» Yanushevsky: United States Tim «DaHanG» Fogarty did all the "dirty work for him, having destroyed Russian Federation Cooller and Belarus Cypher. Shane met him in the third round and defeated him.



His rival in the final was Russian Federation Sergey «Evil» Orehov. The encounter was very much alike the final of QuakeCon 2013. Hendrixson showed outstanding excellency, proving his claims for the title of the best duelist of all times. The American played his own game in cold blood, using positioning and deaths planning, which worked even more effectively than his aiming.



Summing up, we'd like to say, that Quake fans might never again see another confrontation of Hendrixson vs Yanushevsky, or witness the fall of Shane's star. All they can do is to enjoy what's left there - on the Quake scene and wait for the next QuakeCon, to have an opportunity to watch the game of true professionals.


There's no doubt, Quake is a true eSports title. Its duels are exceptionally spectacular and amazing. However, with the down of the game, QuakeCon remains the last and the only grand tournament of the title.


See the replays here.


QuakeCon 2015 results

  • Discipline TDM — International Meltdown — $ 8 000 
  • Discipline CTF — International Meltdown — $ 8 000 
  • Discipline Duel — United States Rapha — $ 8 000 
  • The best team in 3 disciplines — International Meltdown — $ 8 000 
  • Grand Duel (the battle of the players, who tool first and second places in Duel) — United States Rapha — $ 8 000
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