October: Na`Vi achievements


The past month granted us plenty of exciting eSports tournaments. Well, it's time to recall the events, in which Ukraine Natus Vincere players participated, and summarise their achievements.


 Dota 2

Let's start with the most interesting title for most of our fans — Dota 2. The team has been undergoing substantial problems for quite a while now, and is under reconstruction as per moment. Our team played European qualifiers of The Summit 4 and D2CL group with its old squad. It was a failure, frankly speaking for they lost all the matches. Recently they tested their luck and new players in WCA 2015 open qualifiers, but didn't make it to the 5th round.




Next is Ukraine Na`Vi CS:GO squad. Our players participated in many qualifiers this month and showed fair performance. They won 12 matches of 18 in group stage of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 qualifiers and secured a spot in LAN-finals. Furthermore the team won 2 games and get to the next round of Global Offensive Champions League Season 2 and SL i-League StarSeries XIV group stages. Additionally, Na`Vi.CS:GO encountered its principal rival - Virtus.pro in Azubu.tv showmatch, which we, unfortunately lost (1:3). Our players Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie took 3-4 places in World Championships 2015, as Russia's national team players. The main achievement of our counter-strikers is second place at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca LAN-final.




Our Heroes of the Storm team participated in the regional finals of Heroes of the Storm World Championship — Road to BlizzCon, which can be construed as Europe's championship. Our players practically vanished all the rivals, having won all the maps. As a result they won the title of Europe's champions and the slot in the tournament's Grand Final.




Our Hearthstone division was created not so long ago. However, our players managed to win a couple of prestigious titles over this short period of time. Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall won 3-4 place at Erope's Championship and a slot at BlizzCon 2015. Denmark Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen also participated in this tournament, though didn't get the slot as he took only 5-6 place. The third Hearthstone player of Ukraine Na`Vi Germany Sebastain "Xixo" Bentert was the most successful, having won The eSports ArenaEizo Community Cup # 1 and HS-ARENA Grand Opening Invitational.




The tankers went to Poland once again this month to participate in the LAN finals of Continental Rumble. Unfortunately, they underperformed and took 3rd place, having been defeated by the tournament's winner. The tournament was also remarkable for a show-match of our team against Serbia Kazna Kru, won by our players (4:1).




The achievements of Ukraine Natus Vincere divisions in October:

top 1 — Heroes of the Storm World Championship — Road to BlizzCon (HotS), The eSports ArenaEizo Community Cup # 1HS-ARENA Grand Opening Invitational (HS)

top 2 — DreamHack Cluj-Napoca (CS:GO)

top 3 — Continental Rumble (WoT)

top 3top 4top 5top 6 — Europe's championship (HS)

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