November: Na`Vi achievements


November has come to an end, so it's time to recap the performances of our squads and players. Today we're recalling the tournaments they participated in and their achievements.


 Dota 2

We begin our recap with Dota 2 team. As you remember the team played at PGL Dota 2 Pro-AM and made it to the quarterfinals, having lost to International NLG. After a short break our Doters continued their performance at SL i-League StarSeries. The guys managed to pass the group stage bringing much joy to their fans, who had been waiting for the victories of their favourite team.




Cold November was hot for our CS:GO team. The team succeeded in some important events. Having achieved second place at the major in Cluj-Napoca, the squad headed to America and won 5-8 place at CEVO Season 8. Next was they got through group stage of GO:CL Season 2 and made it to playoff. They also passed the first group stage of SL i-League StarSeries and managed to win the slot at LAN-finals of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2, having undergone the group stage. The main achievement of our team in November was the victory at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose.




Tank squad hasn't participated in a single tournament. However, the players have been preparing to the upcoming events. Our team will soon enter the battlefield of tanks.




In November, HotS squad participated in HotS World Championship 2015 held at BlizzCon 2015. The guys had no problems getting to play off. However, they were defeated in semifinals by International Team Dignitas and took 3-4 place. This resulted in the reshuffles in the squad. Thus the squad didn't attend any other events in November.




Our Hearthstone players were very active this month. First our player Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall won the World Hearthstone Championship. Afterwards all Ukraine Na`Vi Hearthstone players were invited to SeatStory Cup IVSweden Ostkaka successfully passed the first group stage, but eventually lost two matches 2:3 in the second group stage and had to leave the event, following his teammates Denmark Hoej and Germany Xixo. Germany Xixo played at Time2Win Invitational, loosing in quarterfinal. He also played at WePlay Hearthstone LeagueUkraine Na`Vi squad played at Hearthstone Champions League. Only Sweden Ostkaka managed to pass the group stage, while Denmark Hoej and Germany Xixo couldn't get to play off. Next the players participated in DreamHack Winter, at which Denmark Hoej  took 3-4 place.




 Ukraine Natus Vincere players and teams made the following achievements in November:

top 1 - Intel Extreme Masters San Jose (CS:GO), Hearthstone World Championship (HS)

top 3top 4 - HotS World Championship 2015 (HotS), DreamHack Winter (HS)

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