The art of comeback: Na`Vi vs Poseidon m

Poseidon can be considered as the dark horses of today’s DotA scene. Today they lose to some outsiders, tomorrow they beat the favorites. For that reason, many had high expectations regarding their matches versus our team in the WePlay League. The expectations were partially fulfilled. Why only partially? The answer for this you will find out in this review.


Our team has beaten P5N 2-0, but calling it a plain victory is just impossible. The first game was really unexpected and intense, that it deserves our special attention.


The picks stage was pretty standard: both teams had strong and time-tested heroes. Funn1k on Dark Seer, Puppey on Enchantress and XBOCT on Alchemist – is simply a classic, basically, just like Crazy on Queen of Pain. It’s interesting that on the last ban, Puppey removed Storm Spirit, though the opponent mid with the superb consistency got QoP.




By the way, about mid players, P5N were so worried, that their Queen of Pain will lose to Dragon Knight, so they supported her with additional 200 gold. Dendi himself came to the lane with a pair of branches and a stack of tango from Puppey, so he has gotten a really quick bottle. 


7th minute, the lanes are escalating, the lanes are escalating, and Poseidon’s captain comes to gank XBOCT on top, attacks him, dives under the tower and… FIRST BLOOD! But completely on a different lane. While the action goes on top, Funn1k gets the enemy Visage and almost gets a double kill, the hurrying Crazy saves his teammate.




Meanwhile, Poseidon implement their Chen. Natus Vincere’s towers are falling one after another. But the born to conquer ones aren’t going to flee. They are defending each tower, having team fights for each tower, and losing it all, one after another.


Let’s make a little digression. Push strategies – isn’t a rare thing in the modern professional Dota. Same Na`Vi have shown us before how you can clutch the opponent team in the base, without taking a single kill. But push has its own set of disadvantages, the team that’s always together start losing by levels, farm, it’s easily counter-picked, and sooner or later get to the high ground where they can’t find an opening. But Na`Vi solved P5N’s problems, giving them a huge amount of track kills.


And there, there is the only tower (excluding the base) left for the Dire – the tier 2 on top. A tower that managed to save full health. Thanks to the tower, Na`Vi still have the control on ¼ of the map and can farm their jungle.


But there is another fight coming up on the other end of the map: Near the Roshan pit. Minus 4 heroes, XBOCT and Dendi are dead – the barracks are easily going down. But without thinking twice, our team use the advantage of being on the Dire side and go to get the Roshan. The second fight ends up more successful for Na`Vi, and they go pushing.


On the 46th minute, Na`Vi kill the last Roshan in this game. Not completely sure if it’s the magic of the Aegis, or the slice of fresh cheese, or the full-inventory Alchemist that allow Na`Vi simply get on the high ground on mid, beating the king of seas.




The result of the second game was already set. P5N had definitely low moral: they were winning XBOCT, but, but somehow lost it. And here is also Dendi on Pudge, and XBOCT went kind of crazy on Riki… Resulting a “gg” on the 11th minute.




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