Revitalising Templar Assassin

With a turbulent career in the professional scene, Lanaya the Templar Assassin Templar Assassin weaves in and out of popularity both in high ranking tournament matches and in regular public ranked games - as of the recent meta, she has risen in terms of pick and win rates that have seen her value in high nuking physical damage and survivability - an attractive trait when looking for a dominant mid hero.

Recent Statistics

With Templar Assassin Templar Assassin’s current form in public ranked games, her value is rated higher amongst the 5k bracket and greater with a 16.55% pick rate into a better-than-average 52.25% win rate. A monthly pick rate (all brackets combined) increase of 7.32% recently spiked up to 12.28% at its peak - perhaps a reaction to her relatively high pick percentage at the recent Kiev Major which, no doubt, showcased her abilities.
Additionally, Templar Assassin Templar Assassin can boast an increasing win rate to compliment her current form, growing from 48.12% to 49.86% across all public MMR brackets. Growth in both picking and winning will only serve to further strengthen the hero’s potential in the minds of players when considering core mids.

Lanaya’s Strengths

Second to none in raw physical damage burst, Templar Assassin Templar Assassin makes extremely good use of Desolator icon.png Desolator which only increases her armour reduction output with her Meld Meld ability, making quick work of any support when utilising her Blink Dagger icon.png Blink in combination - also not the mention the damage from Refraction Refraction gives very high natural killing power.
Survivability is also one of the main factors of this hero with the invisibility from  Meld Meld, which can allow you enough time for your Blink Dagger icon.png Blink to come off cooldown for an escape, and the damage block from Refraction Refraction - blocking any instance of harm smaller than 5. This allows TA to fight momentarily, tank a few hits, and still blink away as if no actual damage was applied to the hero.
Also one of the few heroes that can solo Roshan at a relatively early time, little is needed in the way of actual items apart from a few cheap ones that enable her a free Aegis of the Immortal icon.png Aegis. Also relating to Roshan, Psionic Trap Psionic Trap gives permanent short range vision over areas of importance - namely Rosh, Runes, and high ground choke points.
Another very important point is the lane-winning dominance of Psi Blades Psi Blades which can make last hitting an easier task while simultaneously harassing the enemy mid. Ancient stacking at every odd minute can also give TA the edge in farm, as she takes the neutrals with ease, her free area of effect spell providing her with a highly efficient way to surge ahead in net worth.
Credit to artist Dinhosaur from deviantart


As with every hero in the game, there are negatives to every positive which can either be acceptable in the meta or the reason for a hero’s downfall. Lanaya is, in the traditional sense, a glass cannon with extremely high damage which results in very low tankiness. Low damage over time spells from enemy supports or cores alike can be all that’s needed to simply bully TA out of lane within the early minutes of a game, severely limiting her effectiveness to contest farm, which in turn makes her fall behind.
Apart from raw damage output, TA offers very little in the way of utility. Once a teamfight turns sour for her and her allies, it can be very difficult to disengage to safety as she excels at pick offs in short, quick engagements. Prolonged team-fighting with the potential of her having to tank enemy auto attacks and spells is one of her major weaknesses (more so than other heroes) as her damage falls off once Refraction Refraction has been spent and her low, natural health pool can let her down.

Popular items: The basics

The top six most popular core items this month (excluding such things as Power Treads icon.png Power TreadsRing of Aquila (Active) icon.png Ring of AquilaBottle (Full) icon.png Bottle) on Lanaya (across all skill builds) have a relatively high percentage win rate, with none of them falling below 52.14% ( Desolator icon.png Desolator), while the highest win rate item sits comfortably at 66.91% ( Daedalus icon.png Daedalus).
In order of most bought to least bought, the top six this month are:
  • 52.14% - Desolator icon.png Desolator
  • 52.60% - Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger
  • 54.18% - Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar
  • 63.31% - Hurricane Pike icon.png Hurricane Pike
  • 66.91% - Daedalus icon.png Daedalus
  • 63.61% - Monkey King Bar icon.png Monkey King Bar
Not only does this showcase the raw damage TA will buy throughout the game, but also highlights how little raw health points are involved in any of these items, since Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar is generally considered a situational option.
Artwork by DuySShankly from steamcommunity

Talent Tree Statistics

  • + 20 Movement Speed or +25 Attack Speed

For a hero that relies quite heavily on blink initiations to deal burst damage, TA prefers higher damage output in the form of attack speed over the movement speed, since she will be in close proximity of any enemies she initiates on - a preference shown by the vast majority of players.
  • 12% Evasion or +6 All Stats 

Both choices on her level 15 talent lean towards more tankiness - one in the form of evasion and the other in stats, though with added stats comes more damage and attack speed, while the evasion can synchronise in a lesser way with Refraction Refraction, as it already provides damage block.
  • +40 Damage or +275 Health

Quite overwhelming is the choice of damage over raw health, which only strengthens TA’s already high physical nuke - one of the traditional glass cannons of the game.
  • +3 Refraction Instances or -30s Respawn Time

The first talent that further increases TA’s most valuable skill is highly sought after, as not only does it increase the amount of damage block instances, but that of her attack damage as well. Judging from the fact that the further a game goes on and the more damage enemy heroes do, it only makes sense that the additional instances become more valuable to reduce the enemy’s ability to affect you by the auto attacks or target nuke spells aimed your way.

Lanaya’s Lineup and Conclusion

When teams lack some sort of damage output or when the middle laner just needs to carry their own weight in damage dealing, TA can be a crucial and game-winning pick as shown by recent statistics. An expert in dealing 2-3 hits of damage to pick off supports at the beginning of a teamfight or just generally initiating to blow up a squishy carry in the early game, Lanaya excels at quick engagements and synchronises perfectly well with other armour-reducing allies such as an offlane Slardar Slardar or a support Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit.
Templar Assassin Templar Assassin’s recent form shows a promising outlook to her viability within public ranked games based on her recent success in professional tournaments - sometimes an overlooked middle laner; only time will tell whether or not her popularity will continue to rise as she can fall victim to being exempt based on her weaknesses, as her game impact may be insignificant if she does fall behind.
Statistics and pictures credited to Dotabuff
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