Horde's Champion analyzed


The legendary hunter Rexxar has passed through Nexus portal a couple of weeks ago to join the mighty heroes on Blizzard's epic arena. He has been studied and analyzed  by both ordinary players and professionals. We decided to talk to the player of Na`Vi.HotS Sweden scHwimpi to find out what he thinks about the master of Misha.


— Have you played on Rexxar already?

— Yes, a few times.

— How's his ability? Can give a brief evaluation of each?
— His Q is a slow in a line. His W makes his bear charge and stun. His E is a Mend pet, he just heals up his bear. And the Ultimates are either, 150% more damage done by your bear. Or you throw out Boars and that slows heroes in range. 
— Don't you think that the hero is too complicated, about what he can do in the game?
— If you abuse the bug it can be complicated. But with some nice practise its easy to learn
— If Abathur clones Rexxar, he clones and pet too. Misha considered game mechanics as a hero. Do you think these and other features of the hero can be used in professional matches?
— No, there are so many more heroes to symbiote and the you cant control the bear like you control a hero so it's very likely that it will run away from the target you wanna chase down.
 If you had the opportunity to change the character, what would you change?
— I want to be able to control the bear like I can control the vikings


Since the introduction of Rexxar, he has been chosen by teams only in 4 professional matches and won in 2 of them. He hasn't gained popularity in pub games either. The hero isn't very useful without a pet and dies soon, thus requiring constant support by the team, which is hard to get in pubs.


Other pro players also analyzed Rexxar. United States Fury, a player of United States Murloc Geniuses, noted that Blizzard created a hero, fully basing on his history. United States Dunktrain, the captain of United States Cloud9, pointed out the integrity og the hero and the synergy of his talents and abilities. The legendary Netherlands Grubby claimed that the AI of the pet rather impedes than helps.

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