Preview of the League of Legends MSi Tro


Before the big tournament kicks off tomorrow (MSi Trophy @ Gamers Assembly),  we bring you a preview of the best teams competing in the tournament. Make sure to follow our coverage tomorrow, starting at 11 PM CET!



image Natus Vincere


After winning SK Trophy their online performance was not the best, but the guys have been practicing a lot and are well prepared for their first offline event under the flag of Na`Vi. They are still considered as one of the youngest  teams on the LoL scene and this could be their breakthrough. No doubt that they have the skill and experience to take this tournament!


Araneae (jungle)

Antogyn (ad carry)

Citizen (ap carry)

SAND (support)

nesrilaS (solotop)


Interview with nesrilaS about the tournament!

Interview with CitizenWayne about the tournament!



image CounterLogic Gaming EU


They are considered as one of the favourites in this tournament and one of the best teams in the World, but they are yet to show  their skill in offline events.  Winning last three online tournaments (APL Season 1,  4PL Monthly March and PLAY RaidCall LoL Cup #1), they are going to be the team to beat. They are a fairly young team and besides Wickd and Snoopeh, they do not have much experience from “big” tournaments like this one, but most probably they will finish in Top3.


Froggen (ap carry)

Krepo (support)

Snoopeh (jungle)

Wickd (solotop)

Yellowpete (ad carry)



image AbsoluteLegends


Besides, they are also considered as one of the favourites in the tournament. They have been playing together for a very long time, even before they got pick up by AbsoluteLegends. No doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with online, but this is going to be their first offline event and they have to show their dominance offline.     


Angush (solotop)

extinkt (ap carry)

Malunoo (jungle)

Sleper (ad carry)

Xinec (support)



image Millenium


Recently, they have been going through a lot of line-up changes, and it has affected their performance and results. Kujaa is definitely their star player and the one with a lot of offline experience. Hopefully he can share the experience with his teammates so they can achieve decent results in their “home ground”.


Kujaa (support)

staryQQQ (ap carry)

hyrqBot (jungle)


Haydal (ad carry)



image Eclypsia LoL


ShLaYa left Sypher for this new French e-Sports organization called Eclypsia. Recently, Skyyart also left Sypher to join this team.  Their lineup is not set in stone yet, but so far all of their players appear to be great individuals. They have not achieved any great results online and this is going to be their first offline event.


ShLaYa (jungle)

syrela (ad carry)

Aelys (support)

amt2k (ap carry)

Skyyart (solotop)



image Sypher


Yet another French team that went through a lot of lineup changes lately. Losing Skyyart has been a huge hit for them, as he was their “corner stone” for sure. Probably most of LoL fans still remember his games for third place versus in IEM New York. New additions to the team are Lyumi, ImSoFresh and Kikis. Lately they did not achieve any good results online and they still have to prove themselves, especially with this new lineup.


Lyumi (ad carry)

Moopz (ap carry)

Lounet (support)

ImSoFresh (solotop)

Kikis (jungle)




image Teamless


After Kottenx and Prepared left AbsoluteLegends, they started this new team. Alth0r has been playing for teams such as aAa and Millenium, Xymii is ex mTw player and HawkDon also played for Millenium. They are all skilled individuals for sure, but we are yet to see how well they play together, especially in an offline event.


Kottenx (jungle)

Alth0r (ap carry)

Xymii (ad carry)

Prepared (support)

HawkDon (solotop)



image Meet Your Makers


This team has been active on LoL scene long before MYM pick them up.  It is safe to say that these players are very familiar with each other and that their team play is a good reflection of that. Recently, they have finished third in PLAY RaidCall LoL Cup #1, after losing to in the semis (games were very close), so this team is no underdog in this tournament. No doubt that they will aim for the top three!


Makler (ad carry)

Libik (support)

Kubon (solotop)

Czaru (ap carry)

Mokatte (jungle)

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