Rick and Morty in Dota 2!


The long-awaited Dota 2 update with the main characters of the famous animated series "Rick and Morty" as the in-game announcer voices has been finally released. Besides, a few so far unavailible sets were added along with other minor changes. 


Without any doubts, the main feature of this update is a new Rick & Morty announcer pack, which can be bought in Dota 2 Store for $ 7,99.



The list of other changes


  • The names of this year's TI winners were engraved on Aegis of Champions. 
  • The players with a Compendium level of 1 000+ got a new item, activating the Aegis glow in the fountains. 
  • The new Level 1 000 Compendium item: Relic (can't be deleted).
  • The new player brand entry and image for Malaysia Lee «Kyxy» Kong Yang.
  • Changes in offset of Tusk's HP bar from 190 to 250.
  • Changes in Winter Wyvern's ability Arctic Burn description.
  • Changes in Vladmir's Offering description.


Unreleased set entries (images are clickable):


Herald of Ruin Escape Master Honorable Brawler Skadi Rising
Regal Ruin The Pernicious Firebrand Twilight's Rest


Unreleased single item entries (images are clickable):


Blackmist Blade Deep Madness Executioner Ray hood Emperor Batmoth
Infernal Storm Venom-Herb Caduceus Vision of the Monolith The Undoer


Unreleased random item entries (images are clickable):


Gatekeeper's Blessed Wings Hat of the Great Hunter


Patch size: 58 MB.

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