rmN-'s pub gameplay analyzed

It is still a couple of days until our new Dota 2 roster, including the new additions: SwedenPer Anders Olsson “Pajkatt” Lille, GermanyRoman “rmN-” Paley and DenmarkMalthe “Biver” Winther arrive in UkraineKyiv for a bootcamp in order to prepare for the tournaments ahead. Until then, let’s take the time to have a look at the pub gameplay of our new position four support, rmN-.
The first thing that hits the eye when looking at rmN-’s statistics is the incredible amount of experience he possesses. He currently sits on 9974 matches played, including 4384 ranked games and a staggering 1159 tournament games. The high amount of unranked games can be explained by Roman starting to play Dota 2 in August of 2011, long before ranked matchmaking was introduced.
Currently at 7939 Solo MMR, rmN- is just a couple of wins shy of joining the elite group of 8K MMR players, already featuring his teammates UkraineDendi, UkraineGeneRaL and SwedenPajkatt. In pubs, he prefers playing core roles with a distribution of 42% mid lane, 25% off lane, 24% safe lane, 5% roaming roaming and 4% in the jungle. 
As far as rmN-’s most played heroes overall go, Invoker Invoker tops the chart at 403 games with an impressive 64,5% win rate, followed by Leshrac Leshrac at 282 games and 69,1% win rate. Other favorites of his include Juggernaut, Magnus, Rubick, Sand King and Legion Commander. 
However, if you look at his games in the current patch, new favorites seem to emerge, specifically Necrophos Necrophos, Troll Warlord Troll Warlord, Ember Spirit Ember Spirit and Pudge Pudge. At the same time, he is displaying his large hero pool, having already played 50 different heroes in 7.01. 
Through this versatility, rmN- has already come across a pair of heroes that have brought continuous success for him in pub games. 
Spearheading this duo is Necrophos, who is his most played hero in 7.01 at 13 games. Across those games, rmN- boasts a 69,2% winrate and a KDA of 4,63. He prefers to play him in a carry role, going safe lane in 53,9% of these games, but has also run the hero off lane 30,8% of the time with mid and roaming positions rounding out the rest. 
His safe lane Necrophos has been especially successful with five wins out of seven games. Skillbuild-wise he opts to max out Death Pulse Death Pulse over Ghost Shroud, in order to maximize his ability to stay in the middle of fights and continue to dish out both damage and heals in early skirmishes. At the same time he is skipping Heartstopper Aura Heartstopper Aura entirely until level 11 and skilling Reaper's Scythe Reaper’s Scythe whenever possible. 
For the first talent upgrade, rmN- constantly chooses the plus 40 damage option over the plus 6 strength in order to make up for his magic damage-focussed item build and provide the right-clicking capabilities expected from a position 1 hero. 
For the second upgrade at level 15, he decides between the 15 extra movement speed and the plus 6 all stats upgrade according to the game situation he is facing. At level 20, he mostly goes with the plus 10% magic resistance upgrade in order to offset the increased magic damage Necrophos receives while in Ghost Shroud. Whenever he reaches level 25, rmN- decides to go with the one second cooldown reduction on Death Pulse, because it allows him to constantly dish out damage while also increasing the survivability of his team. 
As mentioned before, the rmN- safe lane Necro itemizes heavily around magic damage. Starting out with a set of  Tangos and a  Null Talisman, he quickly transitions into a  Veil of Discord after picking up  Boots of Speed. His second staple item is  Radiance, with an occasional  Hood of Defiance for extra sustain in between. 
This basic set of items, which rmN- typically completes between the 19 and 25 minute mark, allows him to pose almost unsolvable problems for the enemy team due to the high amount of AoE damage he is able to put out in the mid game while also being incredibly hard to bring down due to Death Pulse and Ghost Shroud. 
Another highly successful hero in 7.01 for rmN- has been Troll Warlord Troll Warlord, who has helped him win 77,8% of his nine matches with a KDA of 4,54. Playing the hero exclusively as a safe lane farmer, he relies on a build revolving around  Helm of the Dominator. While most heroes who used to buy the old HotD now shy away from it due to the recent changes, it is still a great fit for Troll Warlord. Since the hero is highly dependant on stats and the attack speed and regeneration works well for Troll, rmN- continues to pick it up as his first major item. 
The further progression of his item build is a  Sange and Yasha for mobility and further stat value,Black King Bar to ensure a constant damage output and a Blink Dagger that allows him to get right into the middle of the action. Skillbuild-wise, he opts to max Berserker's Rage Berserker's Rage first before turning to Fervor Fervor, while leaving Whirling Axes (Ranged) Whirling Axes at a value point. Maxing Berserker’s Rage increases both the bash damage and the stun duration drastically, making it a valuable tool combined with the attack speed provided by Fervor. Whirling Axes have the lowest priority in the skillbuild, because extra skill points only increase the slow duration in ranged form and the blind duration plus a bit of damage in melee form. Both of those do not match the value of increased damage output caused through bashes and attack speed. 
While the talent upgrades for Troll Warlord are not the most spectacular, they do provide some needed boost after the removal of leveling stats. rmN- regularly picks up 10 Agility over six Strength at level 10 and plus 40 Damage over 300 Health at level 20, while handling the rest of the talent tree decisions on a situational basis. 
rmN-'s win rate (left) and KDA (right) over the last month
Overall, one can see that rmN- is starting to gain traction in this patch. After a short period of adjustment, both his win rate and his KDA are on an upswing the last couple of weeks. Another trend that surely bodes well for the prospect of the new Natus Vincere Dota 2 team coming together soon is his versatility and hero pool he is displaying in pubs. It will certainly make Pajkatt’s job a lot easier knowing that he can throw pretty much every hero in the game rmN-’s way going into bootcamp. 
Credits: Statistics and Images courtesy of Dotabuff.com
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