Na`Vi - Road to The International 2015

It was a year when one of the most beloved and star shined team UkraineNatus Vincere (Na`Vi) reached to a point that they were unable to qualify any of the LAN events and denied from direct participation in The International for the first time. It was heart breaking for community as Na`Vi had been the only team which played finals of the TI three times and won the first International beating the Dota giant of 2011 - ChinaEHOME.


Team went several roster changes since last International first the departure of EstoniaPuppey and GermanyKuroky which got replaced by BelarusFNG and Russian FederationVanskor, followed by departures of Belarus FNGUkraine Funn1k and Ukraine DK Phobos & joining of Russian Federation Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev. But new hope for team came on April 5th when Ukraine Na`Vi announced that Ukraine Funn1k and Ukraine Artstyle have rejoined the team; Russian Federation Vanskor, struggling with a long term illness, moves to reserve. The new roster tried to get a chance to show themselves on LAN with The Summit 3 redemption votes, but unable to win the voting, as they fell short to IG. The new lineup started bootcamp to gel-up and practice together under the returning Legendary captain Ukraine ArtStyle.


TI Qualifiers


Ukraine Na`Vi was grouped up with some of the most aggressive European teams likes Russian Federation Hell Raisers, Ukraine Vega Squadron, Russian Federation Yellow Submarine and Greece London Conspiracy. It looked a tedious task to overcome for newly formed roster as only two teams from each group will go to playoffs.

Group Stage 


Na`Vi vs LC:


It was questionable opening games to team as they lost both of their games to Greece London Conspiracy even after getting some of their favorite picks like wisp & tiny combo and Puck for Ukraine Dendi in first game. Second game look good at start with Ukraine XBOCT farming hard on his signature Gyro and Dendi Queen of Pain but some misplays and free farming PL make them lose game 2 too.  These two opening losses dimmed the hopes of fans as after such a performance it was not looking that Ukraine Na`Vi can win at least two out of remaining three games. 

Na`Vi vs HR:  


Both team started a fairly even draft till the time Ukraine Na`Vi caught Russian Federation HR by surprise by picking their last hero as brood offlane for Ukraine Funn1k, which paid them well as he solo zoned out Luna and killed her several times. Russian Federation HR called GG in less than 30 min. Game 2 was fairly even as it went for 80 mins. Ukraine Na`Vi won it from the verge of an easy loss and showed to everyone that they perform well under pressure. Even having Boots of travel on 4 of the Heroes, Russian Federation HR was unable to take Ukraine Na’Vi’s base and a late game Hex from Ukraine Artstyle made the team fight much stronger for Na`Vi, which was too strong for Russian Federation HR, and Ukraine Na`Vi won 2-0.

Na`Vi vs Vega:


Ukraine Na`Vi third series was against Ukraine Vega, which was one of the favorites to win the qualifiers due to their balance between early aggression and mid to late game potential too.  It looked scary as Ukraine Na`Vi gave away some of Ukraine Vega’s go-to hero, but Artstyle had some other picks in his mind like Pugna and BloodSeeker which caught them by surprise and they were unable to hand the never ending push from Ukraine Na`Vi and said GG in early 26 mins. Like the last series against Russian Federation HR, the second game was just opposite to the first game. With come good picks of 6.84 like Leshrac and SF Vega dominated the game, but on the other hand it was Ukraine Na`Vi carry player Ukraine XBOCT who was not dying farming all over the map. But due to some bad fights and over farmed Leshrac & SF and good hooks from clock Na`Vi lost mid and bottom racks. With aegis on their clock a confident Ukraine Vega came to finish the game from top lane, in such a do-or-die situation Ukraine XBOCT went his favorite item Rapier on his pretty farmed Gyro. It was looking within any minute Ukraine Na`Vi will say GG with slow seize coming from SF illusions but Ukraine Dendi had something else in his mind. With a blink and three man crucial RP and insane damage coming up from Xboct Gyro and unsung hero Winter not letting the carry die helped in team wiping Ukraine Vega with even killing tanky Clock 2 times. Vega decided to buyback on all their heroes and go top again, but result was same as Ukraine XBOCT Gyro was dishing way too much damage. With all the buybacks cooldown Ukraine Na’Vi decided to push 4 man mid and Ukraine Xboct pushing bot lane, who later teleported with team at mid lane. Ukraine Na`Vi decided to go for throne and in meantime Ukraine Dendi got his RP’s back. This made everyone witness one of the biggest comback’s of 6.84 as Na`Vi won the game in one hour and thirty mins.

Na`Vi vs YeS:


Ukraine Na`Vi needed only one game to secure their spot in playoff but they decided not to take the series light as they won both games. The first game was very short with steam roll by Ukraine Na`Vi, with some cheeky plays by Russian Federation SoNNeikO’s sniping the bottle at mid lane and return Ukraine XBOCT old school hero Lifestealer. Second game was interesting with a Pudge pick from Russian Federation YeS on PSM which gave them first blood on Ukraine Dendi QOP, but Ukraine Funn1k Timber and Ukraine XBOCT Axe were way hard to handle for five meele hero line-up of Russian Federation  YeS with a fairly long 5 min GG.



Na`Vi vs 4SAC:  


With only one BO3 away from reaching the TI Ukraine Na`Vi had to play their upper bracket final against Finland 4SAC. With grabbing Gyro for Ukraine XBOCT & Brood for Ukraine Funn1k and last Pudge pick for Ukraine Dendi, Ukraine Na`Vi lineup looked fairly strong. But due to not getting too much from early game Ukraine Na’Vi lineup felt against a pushing KOTL & PL combo of Finland 4SAC, which gave them a fifty minutes long loss. Ukraine Artstyle banned PL and KOTL in first ban phase and also grabbing Gyro and Lesh for team which out drafted Finland 4SAC, which moreover cemented their defeat with bad early game for mid and offlane. Finland 4SAC called a 38 min GG. With both teams only one game away from a spot at TI, Ukraine Artstyle banned PL & KOTL combo in the first phase again, but gave away some of the strongest heroes like Gyro, Wisp and SF.


However Weaver pick for Ukraine XBOCT was high risk high reward. The game looked fairly even as both teams were trading kills. It was the fight in radiant jungle where three of Ukraine Na’Vi heroes died fairly early in the fight, but Ukraine Xboct Weaver was hitting quite hard, though the main playmaker of that game was Russian Federation SoNNeikO, who saved Weaver from dying four times in that fight and saved the game for Ukraine Na’Vi. With upper hand after sometime Ukraine Na`Vi took mid tower and went for rosh, but that was just a bait as Finland 4SAC followed them to rosh. The entire Ukraine Na`Vi lineup was waiting at secret shop and that high ground advantage followed by Disruptor, Winter and SK ulties secured them not only the game but also a trip to Seattle.


Grand Finals


Na`Vi vs Vega:  


After defeating Sweden NIP and Finland 4SACUkraine Vega came strong to fight against Ukraine Na`Vi to secure their slot at main events of TI and also taking revenge of group stage.  It was best of five with no advantage to Ukraine Na`Vi even being the winner of upper bracket finals. Game one draft looked a bit shaky for Na`Vi as they gave away both Gyro and QOP on the cost of Wisp. Moreover Sven carry & Bloodseeker pick as offlane didn’t work well against strong lineup of Ukraine Vega. It was a 31 min GG called by Ukraine Na`Vi and Ukraine Vega was just 2 wins away. The game 2 draft was reverse of the game one as Ukraine Na`Vi grabbed both Lesh & Gyro and even Chen for Ukraine ArtstyleUkraine Vega came up with Ursa pick being direside for easy Rosh, but roaming Earthshaker of Russian Federation SoNNeikO was far more aggressive to handle as Ursa was not able to take Rosh entire game and ended 0-8, Ukraine Vega tried some comebacks with Bounty pick and track golds but Ukraine Funn1k bara countered it and Ukraine Vega called GG in less than 28 min.
As casters said Ukraine Na`Vi perform extremely well under pressure, but on the other side Ukraine Vega crumbled under pressure as the Game 3 and Game 4 was the repeated story of game 2. Even after grabbing Gyro and SFUkraine Vega was unable to stop the farming Jugger of Ukraine XBOCT and again it was mistake by giving away ES to Ukraine Na`Vi as Russian Federation SoNNeikO set some important kills. With 9-2 and 10-2 from Ukraine XBOCT and Ukraine Dendi, Ukraine Na`Vi wrapped up the game at 40 min mark. In 4th and last game Ukraine Vega was able to grab PL and QOP but an interesting Dragon Knight pick for Ukraine Dendi, which encountered PL hard and with Ukraine Artstyle Chen taking towers very early in the game. PL never got the space required, which cost the game for Ukraine VegaUkraine Na`Vi won the series convincingly 3-1 and secured the spot with other invited teams in their 5th consecutive International.
It was some of the best synergy, draft and will power of: Ukraine Artstyle, Ukraine Dendi, Ukraine Xboct, Ukraine Funn1k & Russian Federation SoNNeikO (new sensation) that they overcome all odds. It was true lines by Ukraine Dendi that he don’t want a spot in International if they don’t deserve it and it was well deserved spot. Hope to see same success in the upcoming tournaments and The International.

by Vijay Pratap Singh

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