Na`Vi - Road to The International 2016


The kickoff of The International's sixth edition is close at hand, and Ukraine Natus Vincere are coming into it as the only hope the CIS fans have. Although Born to Win received the direct invite to the event, their road to TI6 definitely wasn't a walk in the park.  



Our Dota 2 roster went through a rough stretch a bit more than half a year ago and desperately needed a fresh breath of some air. A series of successful roster changes, however, helped us regain our confidence and start our way back to the top. Ukraine Natus Vincere’s performance grew more and more impressive with time, and each tournament saw us take a step towards the level we were known and loved for in the past. And now, after the title of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 has been secured, nobody should ever doubt that Na`Vi is back!


Today we would like to look back and reminisce the most impressive moments which took place on our way to the main tournament of the year. Enjoy watching!

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