BlizzCon August Open results


The second European open qualifiers, held within the framework of Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015, is over. Spain Team Liquid took first place, $8 500 and the slot. The Born to Win couldn't make it to the grand-final, though they showed worthy performance. The qualifiers brought a surprise with team International Bob Question Mark unexpectedly taking second place at the tournament. Road to BlizzCon August Open provides opportunity for any team to participate. This time 139 teams tested their skills and luck.


The first stage of the tournament held under single elimination Olympic system brought a couple surprises too. The following teams couldn't get to the final stage: Poland Puszek Team,  International Fnatic and France Evil Murkies. Instead two dark Spanish horses got to the top 8. These are Spain Perezoso Team and Spain Huron Team. However, they couldn't oppose the most powerful teams of Europe and were the first to leave the tournament, followed by International Meet Your Makers and Russian Federation After the defeat in upper brackets, our squad had to fight through the lower brackets, where they encountered International Bob Question Mark in the third round of losers. This was the last match at the tournament for our team. 


The top 3 teams:  Spain Team LiquidInternational Bob Question Mark and Poland Gamers2 got the slots in European finals in Prague and substantial part of prize pool. The remaining team received only money. Therefore, the 6 participants of European qualifiers of Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015 are determined: 


  • International Natus Vincere
  • Germany Team ROCCAT
  • Russian Federation
  • International Bob Question Mark
  • Spain Team Liquid
  • Poland Gamers2


Na`Vi.HotS roster:


DenmarkAlexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup

      SwedenSimon «ScHwimpi» Svensson

BulgariaALeksandar «ethernal» Milanov

BulgariaLyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski

           FranceJerome «JayPL» Trinh


Prize pool:

top 1 Spain Team Liquid — 8 500$

top 2 International Bob Question Mark — 4 000$

top 3 Poland Gamers2 — 1 500$

top 4 International Natus Vincere — 1 500$

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