First day of the patch with Butcher: Lessons


As we wrote today, a new Heroes of The Storm patch was recently issued. The patch introduced a new map and a new hero! Many users liked the new map at once. As concerns the new hero added by Blizzard, he was put to question by the fans of the game. Everyone anticipated the new hero to be weak, however the developers made it really strong, too strong. The reporters of prepared a list of lessons learnt on the first day of the patch with Butcher.


Butcher important facts:


  • You can't trade effectively against The Butcher in a lane 1v1. Please stop trying.
  • On the new battleground, kill the shamans, then the hounds.
  • Ruthless Onslaught is exactly how it sounds. You can’t escape.
  • The Butcher has Kael'thas levels of "wait-until-we-get-16" power spikes.
  • Lamb to the Slaughter can whiff, and it's depressing when it does.
  • Months of fearing Metamorphosis means no one knows what to do against The Hunt
  • The Butcher needs his meat stacks. 
  • Envenom is now x10 more suspenseful in low HP situations.
  • Pandas have become extinct in the nexus.
  • Jaina’s Water Elemental is more deadly when Jaina dies.
  • Possession, while cool, is still a happy sight on your opponents talent list.
  • The inclusion of base Polymorph slow might have made it the best spell in the game.
  • The list of Heroes that are terrifying with Abathur hats has increased by precisely 1 "The Butcher"
  • You can pretty safely 5 man roam on Eternal conflict once the objective spawns.
  • The Butcher trailer is actually pretty terrifying. Everything about it is creepy.


Seriously, this is frightening.


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