Continental Rumble: Europe's triumph


Last Saturday Continental Rumble was held, with 2 teams of European region fighting against two teams of RU cluster in the grand final. Natus Vincere took third place, which surprised many fans of tank eSports.

Tournament's atmosphere 

The event was held in Poland. The audience there is very responsive there. Continental Rumble was welcomed warmly by local fans.  About 2 000 viewers attended the tournament.  The fans could watch the matches via Twitch and feel awesome atmosphere of the event in Poznan. Continental Rumble was as great as the grand final, held in Warsaw. 



Tornado is more powerful than Natus Vincere

The first match of the tournament was played by International Wombats on Tanks vs. International NSS. The latter came to the event with three tankers, acquired from WePlay, as not all their players managed to obtain visas.  Expectedly, the wombats achieved their weakened rival easily and got to the final. Next was the match of Russian Federation Na`Vi and InternationalTornado Rox.



The first battle was held on Ruinberg. Tornados didn't seem to care much about the rival's status. They easily won the first game, having applied a tricky strategy. Our players decided to revenge aggressively and evened the match score. The attack rounds weren't successful for our team at all. Next was Himmelsdorf, which is the map Na`Vi was usually good at, but not that time. Despite the seemingly successful beginning, Na`Vi lost due to the mistake of TheAnatolich and the magic of IS-3 undestroyable armor. As a result Na`Vi lost their match and had to encounter NSS in a battle over third place. Having lost, Na`Vi were mad and simply smashed NSS, which had been expected. The match ended  5:1, and our team took third place in Continental Rumble. 



Wombats couldn't withstand Tornado 

International Tornado Rox became the Champion of Continental Rumble. After an astonishing victory over Na`Vi, the European mix managed to defeat International Wombats on Tanks. The final match was the crown of the championship. It took 11 games for the teams to determine the winner. One of the remarkable features of the match is Tornado's choice of the side in the decisive map - the Mines. Though the defense is considered to be easier to play, the team chose attack and demonstrated the undefeatable power of the whirling wind in action. The final score is 7:4. Congratulations to the champions!



10th tier enters the competitive scene

The match between Russian Federation Na`Vi and Serbia Kazna Kru was an important event of the tournament. It was played on the 10th tier vehicles. Continental Rumble was the last competition, played on 8th tier tanks. The next season will finally welcome the 10th tier! This introduction will change the tank eSports once again. We might as well see the rise of the new stars, who will be attracted to the pro scene by this change. For example, WePlay and NSS achieved success having entering Golden League upon the introduction of 7/54 attack-defense format. 10th tier vehicle on the pro scene was much waited by both eSports athletes and fans. It will substantially increase the vehicle pool, change and diversify the builds substantially, making the tank shows even more exciting!



Team camouflage to be introduced in the main client!

The camouflage skins of the teams were demonstrated during the tournament. The fans welcomed them eagerly. Now we'll have to wait until the skins are introduced in the game client, in order to buy them and demonstrate, which team we support!


It was a very interesting and exciting tournament, and the last event of 7/54 attack-defense. The era of new format with 10th tier level has come, the details to be soon announced. It's sad, that the tournament wasn't as successful for Russian Federation Natus Vincere as we expected. However, the players managed to end the tournament positively, by playing an amazing showmatch. We're pretty sure, the fail will inspire our players to work on their mistakes, train hard and aspire to take revenge. Keep on supporting the Born to Win!


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