Team.Russia goes to Barcelona!


The players of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin and Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev have successfully passed the national qualifiers of the world championship for CS:GO WESG 2017. They advanced to the next stage with their team Russian Federation .Russia. First the line-up defeated Russian Federation Spirit Academy (2:1), and then Russian Federation QBF — 2:0 (16:14 — de_train; 16:12 — de_mirage) in the decider match. 


Player statistics for .Russia and QBF in the final encounter


Having won the national qualifiers of WESG 2017 Russia, the team got the 11th slot (of 20) in the European qualifiers and joined such teams as France EnVyUs, Ukraine Team UkraineGermany BIG, Turkey Space Soldiers and others.


As a reminder, the qualifiers for Russian Federation .Russia and Ukraine Team Ukraine will be held in Barcelona from 22 to 26 November. Apart from a share in $92,500 prize pool, the best teams will get 12 slots in the world's LAN final, which will be held in China in 2018. The prize pool of the event is $1,500,000.


Roster of Russian Federation .Russia:

  • Russian Federation Mihail "Dosia" Stoliarov
  • Russian Federation Georgiy "WorldEdit" Yaskin
  • Russian Federation Denis "electronic" Sharipov
  • Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev 
  • Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin 
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