Na’Vi Quantified: Funn1k vs LightOfHeave

Funn1k and LightOfHeaven are the next two players in line whose in-game performances will be compared. These two players played on the off-lane position for Na’Vi at different times, but we are mostly interested in the performances of LightOfHeaven at The International 2012 and of Funn1k at The International 2013.


A quick reminder, in 2013 Na’Vi played 30 matches at The International 3 which is three matches more than in the previous year’s tournament. Just like the last time, we will proceed with an already familiar pattern. First, let’s take a look at the average performance indicators of each of the hard-laners for Na’Vi:

LightOfHeaven beats Funn1k on only 5 of the indicators. These are average level, creeps killed, creeps denied, XPM and average deaths per game. Next, let’s look at the list of heroes on which we had the pleasure of seeing the two players at The International:

Dark Seer is the hero that was used in the greatest number of matches by LightOfHeaven and Funn1k alike. Nevertheless, both players have some distinct signature heroes. For instance, we all remember LightOfHeaven’s Enigma, his Broodmother and Beastmaster. Although the overall hero pull depends on the trends which were popular at different times, the player factor remains very important when selecting a hero for him.


Next, the maximum performance indicators reached by each of the two players:

Funn1k has the advantage in almost all of the indicators, conceding only the XPM. You can’t help but notice that both players didn’t reach the double digit plateau when it comes to deaths per match.


Now we will turn to items. As stipulated above, Dark Seer was the hero played the greatest number of times by LightOfHeaven and Funn1k, but there were great differences in the item builds. During the entire tournament, Funn1k didn’t complete the Soul Ring even once, while LightOfHeaven gave a vote of confidence to this item on as much as 20 occasions.

All items were selected at my own discretion. I think these are the most suitable ones to be used for comparison.


Our second comparative performance analysis comes to an end, but don’t fall into despair just yet because we will have a third edition for you showcasing the performance of one of Na’Vi players at the times of The International 1 – ArtStyle. To make it more convenient for you to compare his results, ARS-ART’s performance indicators will be added to all diagrams.

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#1 ph grandeesauto 5 June 2014, 09:39
still LoH made Na'Vi to the finals! Let's see what Funn1k bring
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