Samsung may revive WCG

Today it became known that one of the world’s largest companies Samsung has trademarked World Cyber Games. What will happen next? Is it possible that the main esports event will come back to life?


For those who don’t know, World Cyber Games, or WCG,  is an annual esports event that has been conducted since 2000 in different cities of the world. As far as its value in esports community is concerned, it can be compared to Olympic Games in “classic” sports, as a huge number of people from all over the globe gathered together to take part in it and prove themselves.



However, 2 years ago Samsung decided to cancel WCG. The main reason was the change in company’s direction. Even when the tournament was conducted, they did a lot of things to support esports on mobile devices (i.e. Asphalt 4). According to their new course, company's focus was shifted entirely towards the development of a mobile phone brand.


Perhaps, the success of Valve and its $ 17 000 000 International gave Samsung an impetus to revive once the most popular tournament of the world. On the other hand, it is also possible that Samsung simply want to maintain their right to use World Cyber Games title. Anyway, it would be extremely interesting to see a new version of such a great event.


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