Sculptor's Pillar 2015 review


This night Dota 2 client was updated. The update added Sculptor's Pillar 2015, which can be received for the purchase of the products in Secret Shop, as we mentioned before. We decided to look into this year's chest to find out what's inside. Let's take a glance!


Sculptor's Pillar 2015 overview


Gruesome Embrace


The first one on our list is a quite unusual set for  Lion. The hero looks really frightening in these items. He looks like forces of chaos of Warhammer: 40k. Perhaps the authors were inspired by their view.



Now the Lion has its own hook


The Shaded Eulogy


Next on our list is the set of items for  Death Prophet. The roots of the set are probably set in the Asian RPGs, as the hero looks like some character of these RPGs. The changed icons of abilities and the very unusual ghosts are the peculiarity of the set.



But for the thin fingers, nobody could've said this cutie can cause you any harm. The power of the Ultimate ability of  Death Prophet is on our mind.



The icons in dark blue and violet colors fit the hero perfectly. However, the fourth ability could've been done better.


Arms of the Bogatyr


A most interesting set of items for the fans of the game.  A very popular hero of Dota 2 -  Pudge looks really cool in these items. The set will have both fans and haters. Though it is really unique, it doesn't fit the concept of the game even more than The Alpine Stalker for  Ursa.




The textures look very good and well crafted



Initially the set had 2 styles: with blood and without. The latter wasn't released in the main client, though it looked really effective.


Mark of the Mistral Fiend


The set of  Abaddon is really amazing. Now Lord Averno looks like a demon of Japanese mythology. He has a traditional Eastern armor and helm-mask used to frighten the enemies.



The icons of abilities have changed too: they are of black and turquoise. And the Borrowed Time makes us shiver.



 Abaddon changed his battle horse to battle... deer? Will they ever introduce the walking Abaddon?



It's always better to see how things look like in game.


Blessing of the Crested Dawn


This set is for one of the most talkative heroes of the game  Skywrath Mage. It is a nice addition to the set of items for  Vengeful Spirit introduced recently.



Very light and beautiful icons of the abilities



Both sets are pretty similar in style, so they complement each other perfectly. They are the crown of the whole collection of sets.


Shivshell Crawler


Frankly speaking this set for  Slark doesn't stand out among the other sets for this hero. Moreover, it even falls behind in certain aspects. However, it surely found the fans for its style.



Well, let's be fair: the author designed the items very well. They don't look ugly.


Tree Punisher


The quantity of items for  Timbersaw is increasing! This set has a fearsome name Tree Punisher, which reminds us of the orks from the abovementioned universe of Warhammer: 40k.



The icons of abilities are changes, including that for Aghanim.



Take a look at the set in action!


Pact of the Wurmblood


 Dragon Knight is a "rare" award in the chest. The set turns our hero into a centurion of Ancient Rome. The animations and ability icons we saw in the Workshop hasn't been added (yet).



It is obvious that the author spent much time and put much effort into his work


Flightless Dod


Dodo bird-courier is a "very rare" award. It also can be Unusual. If we speak about the overview of the bird, pay attention to the way Flightless Dod flies. That's very unusual! This makes it a much wanted addition to the set collection. 



"One of the last in Dota 2 world" - says the author. Well, at least somewhere these birds mentioned in the famous tale of the famous Oxford mathematician still exist.


As concerns us, we ask you a question: do you like the new treasure?


We can't help mentioning the content, which is already known, but hasn't been added to the game client yet. First, this is another Lockless Luckvase 2015. We know nothing about its contents. We'll make a review of it as soon as possible.  Second, there's a great surprize for the fans of electronic music. We imply deadmau5 Music Pack! Maybe, this famous DJ will be a special guest at afterparty (Darude was the one last year). Well, all we have to do is to wonder and wait for the further updates.


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