SeatStory Cup IV begins tomorrow!


Hearthstone World Championship ended in less than a week ago. The event was very significant for the fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere, since the player of our team Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall won the Championship. It seems, that the next grand tournament shouldn't be held soon after such grand competition. However, Germany Dennis "TaKe" Gehlen doesn't agree with it!


Tomorrow 32 players from Europe and America will gather in Krefeld, Germany. The fourth season of SeatStory Cup will be held with the prize pool of $ 20 000. The series of "home" tournaments organized by Germany Take started with StarCraft II competitions. Enormous quantity of players visited Denis. Not only did they played matches, but they also had fun, commented the matches of other players, played board games and did many other joyful things.


The fourth tournament promises to be as interesting. Two players of Ukraine Na`ViSweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall and Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert were invited to the event. The last successes of our players impress, so they're both the favourites of the tournament. Let's hope they'll be lucky and manage to get to the very top of the tournament. Follow the games of the Born to Win!

It's notable that Sweden Ostkaka got to the previous tournament, held in the beginning of April, via qualifiers and took second place. This time he goes to this event in the capacity of the World Championship. That's really great progress over such short period of time, isn't it?


List of participants:

  • Germany Na`Vi.Xixo
  • Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka
  • Germany TS.Gaara
  • United States TS.Reynad
  • China TS.Eloise
  • International TS.Kaldi
  • United States TS.Reckful
  • Germany Cloud9.Ek0p
  • Poland Cloud9.Gnimsh
  • United States Cloud9.TidesofTime
  • Sweden Archon.Orange
  • United States Archon.Firebat
  • United States Archon.Zalae
  • Poland G2.Lothar
  • Netherlands G2.ThijsNL
  • Romania G2.Rdu
  • United States coL.Ryzen
  • Germany coL.superjj
  • Germany F2K.Theude
  • United Kingdom F2K.Cipher
  • Canada GOrigin.Purpledrank
  • France Elky
  • Sweden Liquid.SjoW
  • Sweden SK.Freakeh
  • Sweden SK.MartinCreek
  • +7 players, who pass qualifiers
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